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SCSC Names Dave Meck New Assistant Head Coach

As the new season begins, Head Coach John Bitter is proud to announce the elevation of Dave Meck to Assistant Head Coach. As a former swimmer himself, having swum in college at the University of Alabama under Don Gambrill and Jonty Skinner and then onto Long Beach State under Tim Shaw, Dave has been a lifelong member of Santa Clara Swim Club as both a swimmer and a coach. Still holding a couple of the team's 18 and under team records, Dave excelled as both an age group and a senior swimmer while training at Santa Clara Swim Club in the late 80's and early 90's. Dave began coaching with the club in 1996, first as an age group coach and more recently as a senior assistant coach. Since John took over the club in 2006, the position of Assistant Head Coach has been left open and following the past two years of continued excellent work with the swimmers, support of the program, and a working knowledge and relationship of what John is looking for within his program, Coach Bitter elevated Dave to his new position.

As Assistant Head Coach, Dave will oversee all aspects of the age group program, from meet scheduling, group coaching assignments, relays entries, and overall policy for move-ups throughout the year. Dave will also be coaching the Senior Gold group, the top end of our senior program, and prior to National Group.

Besides the elevation of Dave Meck to his new role, Head Coach John Bitter also announces the addition of Sara Riley, as a new part-time age group coach. Having worked at DACA and having also swum at San Jose State University, Sara brings an enthusiasm for the sport, with a working knowledge from her own experiences within the world of swimming. Sara will be working with our younger swimmers.