May Development Meet Report

Hollyburn Hurricanes May Development Meet

On Sunday May 5th 21 Hollyburn Hurricanes Swim Team members attended our May Development. This meet was a huge success with every swimmer leaving with a smile on their face and a gummy worm in their mouth, which was their reward for a fine effort.

The swimmers who attended the meet were Sam Calder, Ruby Chen, Jacob Chisholm, Sidney Clement, Joshua DeCoteau, Ella Emri, Isabelle Hadad, Sasha Hadad, Alex Haigh, Amanda Haigh, Midori Holland, Evan Kelly, Jake Lang, Behbod Panahandeh, Sandee Park, Gabe Ross-Wilson, Antonio Sutherland, Eduardo Sutherland, Sophia Sutherland, Rocco Vertone and Amanda Yang.

All of the swimmers that attended made incredible improvements, not only in their times, but in their technique as well.

It is extremely important to remember that although the swimmers’ times are the easiest way for parents to see improvement, it is often more important that the swimmers are improving their technique, which is something that is easier for the coaches to see.

Some note worthy accomplishments:

Both Rocco Vertone and Sam Calder swam in their first meet!

Both Alex Haigh and Gabe Ross-Wilson achieved their Regional Qualifying times!

A regional qualifying time is when a swimmer goes under 4:00 for a 200 IM. When a swimmer accomplishes this they have the opportunity to compete at meets that are at the LMR (Lower Mainland Region) regional level.

Congratulations to all the swimmers who came to the development meet.

Keep up the great work!!!