Ultimate Swimmer and Bolles May Recap

EAJ Ultimate Swimmer and Bolles May Meet

We have had some good swimming over our first two long course meets of the year!  Let’s start off with our new champs cuts.

FLAGS – 37 Cuts

Tatiana Brown 50 Breast
Tatiana Brown 100 Breast
Anna Gapinski 50 Free
Anna Gapinski 100 Free
Anna Gapinski 400 Free
Anna Moore 50 Free
Anna Moore 100 Free
Anna Moore 50 Back
Anna Moore 100 Back
Anna Moore 50 Breast
Anna Moore 50 Fly
Anna Moore 100 Fly
Summer Stanfield 50 Free
Summer Stanfield 100 Free
Summer Stanfield 200 Free
Summer Stanfield 400 Free
Summer Stanfield 100 Back
Summer Stanfield 50 Fly
Summer Stanfield 100 Fly
Summer Stanfield 200IM
David Gapinski 50 Fly
Ethan Howell 50 Breast
Michael Morton 50 Free
Michael Morton 100 Free
Michael Morton 200 Free
Michael Morton 400 Free
Robert Rait 50 Fly
John Ryan 200 Fly
Carter Strickland 50 Free
Carter Strickland 100 Free
Carter Strickland 200 IM
Nicky Tayag 50 Free
Nicky Tayag 50 Breast
Nicky Tayag 200IM
Isaiah Thompson 50 Free
Isaiah Thompson 50 Fly
Isaiah Thompson 200IM


Senior Champs – 4 Cuts

Dani Gordon 400IM
Ben Aufdenberg 50 Free
Phillip Stevens 200IM
Phillip Stevens 400IM

New Team Records and Team Top 5s

9-10 Girls
Anna Moore 100 Free 3
Anna Moore 100 Back Team Record
Anna Moore 50 Breast 2

Anna Moore 50 Fly 3rd
Anna Moore 100 Fly 4th
Brooke Arnold 400 Free 4th
Emma Howell 50 Breast 3rd

Emma Howell 100 Breast 5th

9-10 Boys
Nicky Tayag 50 Free 3

Nicky Tayag 50 Breast 2nd
Nicky Tayag 200IM 4th
Isaiah Thompson 50 Free 4th
Isaiah Thompson 400 Free 5th
Isaiah Thompson 50 Fly 5th
Isaiah Thompson 200IM 2nd
Jonathan Kim 100 Free 5th
Jonathan Kim 50 Breast 5th
Jonathan Kim 100 Fly 4th
Alex Jones 200 Free 5th
Alex Jones 50 Back 4th
Alex Jones 100 Back 4th
Alex Jones 50 Breast 3rd
David Gapinski 400 Free 4th
David Gapinski 50 Back 5th
David Gapinski 50 Fly 3rd
David Gapinski 100 Fly 5th
Cameron Ellis 100 Breast 3rd

11-12 Girls

Summer Stanfield 50 Free 3rd
Summer Stanfield 100 Free 3rd

Summer Stanfield 200 Free 3rd
Summer Stanfield 400 Free 4th
Summer Stanfield 100 Back 4th
Summer Stanfield 200 Back 4th
Summer Stanfield 50 Fly 2nd
Summer Stanfield 100 Fly Team Record
Summer Stanfield 200IM 3

Hadley Browder 100 Free 4th
Hadley Browder 200 Free 4th
Hadley Browder 400 Free 5th
Hadley Browder 100 Fly 5th
Abigail Ellis 50 Free 4th
Abigail Ellis 50 Back 3rd

Abigail Ellis 100 Back 3rd
Abigail Ellis 200 Back Team Record
Abigail Ellis 200IM 4

Anna Gapinski 50 Free 5th
Anna Gapinski 100 Free 5th
Anna Gapinski 200 Free 5th
Anna Gapinski 400 Free 3rd
Anna Gapinski 400IM 5th
Megan Arnold 100 Free 3rd
Megan Arnold 200 Free 2nd

Megan Arnold 400 Free Team Record
Megan Arnold 100 Back 5

Megan Arnold 50 Breast 3rd
Megan Arnold 100 Breast 2nd
Megan Arnold 200 Breast Team Record
Megan Arnold 50 Fly 5

Megan Arnold 100 Fly 3rd
Megan Arnold 200 Fly Team Record
Megan Arnold 200IM Team Record
Megan Arnold 400IM Team Record
Emilee Ivan 200 Back 5

Emilee Ivan 400IM 4th
Tatiana Brown 50 Breast Team Record
Tatiana Brown 100 Breast Team Record
Tatiana Brown 200 Breast 2

Yvette Zerry 200 Breast 4th
Amelia Tayag 200 Fly 2nd

11-12 Boys

Michael Morton 50 Free 2nd
Michael Morton 100 Free Team Record
Michael Morton 200 Free Team Record
Michael Morton 400 Free Team Record
Michael Morton 200 Back Team Record
Michael Morton 50 Breast 5

Michael Morton 100 Fly 3rd
Michael Morton 200IM 3rd
Robbie Rait 400 Free 5th
Robbie Rait 50 Fly 3rd
Robbie Rait 100 Fly 2nd
Robbie Rait 200IM 5th
Ethan Howell 50 Breast 3rd
Ethan Howell 100 Breast 3rd
Ethan Howell 200 Breast 2nd
Nate Pollitt 200 Breast 3rd

13-14 Girls

Jennifer Brennock 200 Free 5th
Jennifer Brennock 400 Free 5th
Jennifer Brennock 100 Breast 2nd
Jennifer Brennock 200 Breast 2nd
Jennifer Brennock 400IM 3rd
Eleanor Pollitt 400 Free 2nd
Eleanor Pollitt 100 Fly 5th
Eleanor Pollitt 400IM 4th
Rhiannon O’Donohoe 100 Back 4th
Rhiannon O’Donohoe 200 Back 4th
Rhiannon O’Donohoe 200 Breast 5th
Rhiannon O’Donohoe 200 Fly 5th
Rhiannon O’Donohoe 200IM 3rd
Aubrey Miller 100 Back 5th
Aubrey Miller 200 Fly 4th
Jane Wadhams 200 Back 5th
Lauren Trummel 200 Breast 3rd
Lauren Trummel 200IM Team Record

13-14 Boys

Ben Aufdenberg 50 Free Team Record
Ben Aufdenberg 200 Free 5

Ben Aufdenberg 400 Free 5th
Ben Aufdenberg 100 Fly 4th
Ben Aufdenberg 200 Fly 4th
Carter Strickland 50 Free 2nd
Carter Strickland 200IM 3rd

Adrian Oake 100 Breast 4th
Adrian Oake 200 Breast 5th
John Ryan 100 Fly 5th
John Ryan 200 Fly 2nd
Owen Wheeler 200 Fly 5th
Owen Wheeler 400IM 4th

Open Girls

Dani Gordon 400 Free 2nd
Dani Gordon 200 Fly 4th
Dani Gordon 400IM 2nd
Julianna Pettinger 400 Free 3rd
Julianna Pettinger 200 Fly 3rd
Julianna Pettinger 400IM 3rd
Abbey Ellis 200 Back 5th
Jennifer Brennock 100 Breast 2nd
Tatiana Brown 100 Breast 5th
Morgan Ingram 200 Breast 2nd
Jennifer Brennock 200 Breast 3rd
Lauren Trummel 200 Breast 4th

Lauren Trummel 200IM 3rd
Caitlyn Johnson 100 Fly 5th
Caitlyn Johnson 200 Fly 5th
Megan Arnold 200IM 4th
Megan Arnold 400IM 4th

Open Boys

Phillip Stevens 200 Breast 4th
Phillip Stevens 200IM 5th
Cameron Von Stein 200 Breast 5th
Parker Von Stein 200 Fly 5th

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