Hello RAYS!

Our 12 and under swimmers had a GREAT meet this weekend at Dynamo Swim Club's Spring Splash Meet (Results are below!). Despite some grey weather, we were able to have both sessions of the meet. Some of our young swimmers swam in the 50 meter Long Course pool for the first time at this meet, and they did AMAZING! This is expecially true considering our warm ups at the meet did not allow us to swim in that Meter pool to "test it out" before the races. A lot of flexibility and adapting to uncertain situations was needed this weekend by our young swimmers, and we are so proud of their willingness to give it their all in their swims! WAY TO GO, RAYS!

Be sure to get signed up for any other Long Course meets your swimmer may be elligible for this upcoming summer. The Long Course season is quite short so there are only a few meets available left! We will look forward to seeing you all there!

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