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TBAY Raises $22,000 for Moffitt Cancer Center

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Local Swim Team Raises $22,000 for Moffitt

On May 18th, the swimmers, coaches and supporters of Tampa Bay Aquatics (TBAY) joined 250 local swimmers in an open water swim fundraiser at Clearwater Beach benefiting Moffitt Cancer Center. Participants swam either a half-mile, mile or 2.4 miles off the beach at Pier 60. All the swimmers solicited contributions and pledges in support of their swim. The fundraiser was administered by Swim Across America, Inc., which hosts a number of swimming events across the country to raise awareness and support for cancer research, prevention and treatment.

TBAY Brandon practices year round at the River Hills Country Club in Valrico and is coached by Head Coach Dave Gesacion. “A number of current and past Olympians are key members and supporters of Swim Across America, that coupled with the great work that this organization does and that this particular event supported Moffit Cancer Center right here in our own backyard, made this a great fit for TBAY. TBAY started with a modest goal of raising $3,000, but the kids really embraced the challenge to give back through something they love to do and through a lot of work ended up raising $22,000. Two of our swimmers, Karisa Kostecki (Lithia) and Niko Milosavljevic (Valrico) solicited total pledges well over $1000 each. Our kids dedicate significant time and effort in becoming accomplished competitive swimmers and to see them give back to the community this way is very rewarding”, Gesacion stated. The total amount raised by the event and donated to Moffitt was $150,000.

Tampa Bay Aquatics is a registered USA Swimming and Florida Swimming club. If you would like more information about membership or would like to contact Coach Gesacion, the team’s website is