Fantastic Racing at Open Water Nationals 5K!

Lindsey Clary, Jerad Kaskawal, Simon Lamar, Evan Munaretto, and Gwen Walter competed in the 5K at Open Water National Championships on Sunday.  The group did a fantastic job in their first national level 5K race.  You can watch replays of the races and learn more about Open Water swimming on the USA Swimming website here.

The wind picked up just in time for the start of the men's race.  Jerad, Simon, and Evan all raced tough finishing in 23rd (7th among 18 and unders), 28th (11th among 18 and unders), and 41st (20th among 18 and unders).  At 13, Simon was the youngest competitor in the race.  Click here to see complete results from the men's 5K.
Gwen finished a strong 16th place in the women's race and Lindsey earned her first National Championship medal with an 8th place finish.  Lindsey was the second-fastest 18 and under finisher in the field.  Click here to see complete results from the women's 5K.
Gwen breaks away from a pack during the 5K.