Lake Peachtree Challenge Swim


Lake Peachtree Challenge Swim

Are you up for the challenge?

Weather permitting we will host our 2nd annual Lake Peachtree Challenge Swim on Wednesday, May 22. 

We will send a team email by 3pm tomorrow (Wed 5/22) if the weather causes us to cancel the swim. 

Please meet your coaches at Drake Field ( the big park located next to the Peachtree City Library ) There is a “beach style” entrance to the lake here – Parents feel free to bring a chair to sit and watch; kayak to paddle alongside – or for those brave enough like last year – swim with your child!! (Marsha Fraker J)

Seniors – 4:30 – 5:30pm – Senior team members will start at Drake Field, swim to the Water Treatment building on McIntosh trail and swim back.  This distance is approximately 2 miles (less than 4000 yards in a pool)   A typical Senior workout is 5000 – 7000 yards.

Gold & Silver – start time 5:30 pm – Silver and Gold team members will start at Drake field and swim to Battery Park Boat Docks and back.  This distance is approximately 1 mile (1700 yds in a pool)   A typical Silver / Gold workout is 2000 – 5000 yards.   Silver team members may wear fins.  If you would like your swimmer to swim half the distance, you may wait at the Battery Park boat docks and retrieve them from that side.

We will have 4 kayaks in the water paddling alongside with the swimmers.  Coach Cathy, Denise, Suzy, Wendy, David, Keaton and Jack will be in kayaks, in the water and/or on land to assist team members.  Seniors will swim the blue path and Silver/Gold swimmers will follow the Silver path.

We look forward to fun evening with the team!!

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