Help Save the Pool

Dear Lake Washington Masters Families,
As you may know, Lake Washington School District (LWSD) is in the process of deciding whether to put a bond up for public vote. This bond would be used to build new schools and refurbish older ones. As  part of the current bond proposal, Juanita High School would be renovated. As a part of that renovation, Juanita Pool would be destroyed. Currently, only the highest level bond (Option E) includes a provision for replacing the Juanita Pool with a new facility on the JHS campus. The cost of building a new pool is approximately $15 million. This is a large, but fair number.
This may be our best opportunity to help determine whether a new pool is included as a part of the bond proposal. Destroying Juanita Pool and not replacing it would effectively end High School swimming in both LWSD and Northshore School District(NSD). There is not enough space to accommodate LWSD teams in the surrounding community pools. NSD would eliminate High School swimming if it was eliminated in LWSD. Additionally, it would also take away the opportunity to become water safe through swimming lessons from 250 elementary aged children each month.
At the bottom of this email, I have added a form letter that can be sent to the LWSD Superintendent, Dr. Traci Pierce. Please feel free to copy and paste this letter as is, or put the ideas into your own words. Dr. Pierce’s email address is: [email protected] As a courtesy, please also include the members of the LWSD Board. Their email is: [email protected] A decision about the bond proposal is scheduled to be made very soon, so please do this today. Please don’t forget to sign it. For more information about the bond, please visit the LWSD page:

Thank You For Your Help,


Dear Dr. Pierce,
I am writing to voice my concern over the lack of inclusion of a new aquatic facility on any of the potential school construction bond options; except for on the most expensive, Option E. I believe that a new aquatic center is vital to the health and well-being of both the students and the community members of LWSD. It is my understanding that including a new aquatic center at Juanita High School would cost approximately $15 million dollars. I would like to request that this renovation, along with that cost, is included on bond option B, C and D as well.
Aquatic centers serve as hubs for the entire community. They serve all ages and meet the needs of many different special user groups. Aquatic centers function as community wellness centers and it would be a shame to pass up the opportunity to increase the impact that updating our schools may have on the greater LWSD community.
As a voter, whether a new aquatic center is included on the proposals for bond options B, C and D will be a strong consideration that will influence my vote when the bond goes to the wider public. I would love to be a strong supporter of whichever bond proposal is presented and to enthusiastically help ensure its passage. Thank you for your time.