Important Update on Practices

Hello Lake Sharks,

Here are some important updates on Lake Shark Practices:

  1. The 6pm-7pm "make up practice" has been canceled. It was established to make it easier on 11 year olds that couldn't make 3:15PM. That leads me to number 2...
  2. Practice today shows that we needed to move practice for 11-18yr olds from 3:15PM to 3:30PM. The online schedule has been updated. Furthermore, as Coach Skinner said, don't go crazy trying to get here on time. If you are late or can't make it, it is no big deal.
  3. Coach Skinner would like you to purchase a pair of fins. The fins should have a solid heal to the back. DO NOT buy the ones with a strap for the heal. Should the flippers give you blisters, wear a pair of socks inside to prevent blistering
  4. Water bottles and inhalers. Place your water bottle and inhaler(if you have one) at the end of your lane for easy access during a workout. Coach Skinner does not want you guys to have to get out of the pool for a water break or run around searching for an inhaler if you need it.
  5. Girls will need to have an additional practice swim cap. The team cap may not be in until June 14th.
  6. Buy an extra pair of goggles. If the strap breaks on one pair of goggles, it is important to have a back up.
  7. 8 and under group will meet again on Thursday May 30th. We need another day for the water to heat up!
  8.  Make sure you customize your accounts. The coach will be able to send you text updates if you approve SMS messaging to your cell phone. You are able to add your children's cell numbers under "members" on your account.