Wolverines 1st HS Graduate Earns Academic Excellence Award at Fordham Prep !

Congratulations to Billy Fierro Joyce, who is our 1st Wolverine High School Graduate !

Billy, who received a National Letter of Intent to swim at Providence College in the Fall also recently received Providence College Friar Scholarship,  which is awarded to students who not only are committed to their studies, but also devote countless hours to extracurricular activities that help to shape their college careers.  They manage to balance academics and activities, and many seem to "do it all."  They are the epitome of what it means to be a Friar at Providence College.  Providence College Friar Scholarships are merit awards intended to recognize high school seniors who not only have demonstrated the academic discipline necessary to succeed in the classroom, but display extraordinary commitment, leadership and responsibility in their extracurricular pursuits.

In addition to earning his diploma, Billy earned the Fordham Prep "Distinguished Academic Achievement Award"  for High Performance, Responsible Creativity, Initiative, Excellence & Effective Independent Study in All Areas during all four years at Fordham. 

At the Senior Awards Dinner, Billy was awarded the Joseph P Fox Award, presented to the Student-Athlete that exemplifies that through discipline, industry, and balance, one can learn to push beyond expectations, to achieve things even they did not know were possible.

We are all very proud of Billy and his accomplishments !