Williamstown Meet Update

To all:

I wanted to advise you that the Williamstown long course meet on June 16th has some additional charges that we are not accustomed to. Please advise if you are not willing to pay these fees asap as entries are due today.

In addition to the $4.00 per event, they will also be charging the following:

$5.00 Swimmer participation fee

$1.00 New England Swimming fee

$3.00 admission per person per session

$4.00 for the program per session

Your fees (minus the admission and program) have been posted in your accounts so you will see that they are a bit higher than usual.

I know we made this meet mandatory but I was not aware of these additional fees and do want them to be a hardship to any of our devoted swimming families.

Because this is new to us and you, we want to be sure that you are all on board and well informed. Please get back to me asap with your confirmation and decline. My email is [email protected]. I would appreciate hearing either way from each of you that are signed up to do the meet on the 16th.

Thank you,