It is official—the long course season is now in full force. Today is our
third day of long course training and we are starting to see what we
expected...Tired Swimmers. Because we don't see long course from
the very beginning of the season our swimmers go through an
adjustment period that is similar to that of the beginning of the season
when we start workouts. The swimmers will feel tired, sore and yes,
they can be grouchy if they are waking up for that wonderful 6:30 AM
practice time. On top of adding long course many swimmers are also
experiencing an increase of multiple practices in one day and on
consecutive days. Please keep in mind the things your swimmer(s) is
feeling is completely normal and we as the adults need to help them
work through it. Below are some helpful tips
1. Be Patient and Encouraging - Understand that they are
experiencing what most adults feel everyday they wake up. Uggh
another day of work...Keep supporting them and let them know they
will be ok. However still encourage them to come to practice.
2. Keep them full of nutrients - They are burning the candle at both
ends in many cases. They are trying to balance swimming and social.
Don't let them go with out eating. Protein, carbs and those colorful
veggies are all important. Eating 6-7 times a day is not uncommon. A
bowl of ice cream at the end of the day is not a bad reward for a great
day of work.
3. Stretching after a period of non-activity - If your swimmer is
laying around for an hour or so they should stretch out lightly to keep
their body going. Stretching out their body after a nap will make them
feel a ton better.
4. Sleep - I know it is hard in the summer time to give up time in your
day to sleep. They are young and they can go and go and go.
Eventually they will crash and they need to. Try to get them plenty of
sleep at night. They need good sleep. No Cell phones or electronics
in bed or near them. At one of my conferences I went to a study was 
explained to us that 75% of teenage children today sleep with a cell phone
in case they get a text at night or so they can check Facebook through out the night.
90% of teenagers consider a cell phone as important to them as an arm or a leg.

I hope this helps and thank you for all of your support. ~ Jason