Complimentary Online Edition of FINA Aquatics World Magazine

 Mr.Greg Eggert

Editor from the Americas, FINA Aquatics World Magazine

Dear Friend,

The highlight of this year’s aquatic life is approaching: the 15th FINA World Championships to be held this summer in Barcelona. The FINA Aquatics World Magazine aimed at presenting an edition worthy of the importance of this wonderful event, among others featuring previews of all aquatic disciplines, and a retrospective on the athletes who are going to enter the World Championships in 2013 and were also present in Barcelona at the world’s aquatic encounter 10 years ago. 

Please find its link below:

We are glad that our huge circle of readers have the chance to follow this third online edition of the year on a free of charge basis thanks to the efforts of all the FINA Member Federations to distribute it.

If you wish, you may forward or share this link too - on a free of charge basis – with all those who could be interested to read the FINA Aquatics World Magazine. Please mention to them that they only have to fill in their names, e-mail address and country to be able to access the online edition free of charge.

We are doing our best to enrich the online edition with more and more videos about the athletes, races and subjects covered. If possible you could also send us video materials about your athletes and events, whenever you wish, in order to take advantage of the privileges offered by the digital version as much as possible  and make the FINA publication even more enjoyable. 

We hope you will like this edition.

Please feel free to send us your notes and suggestions for improving the FINA publication.

We are grateful for your kind cooperation and attention.

Best, friendly wishes,

Tamas Gyarfas

Editor in Chief, FINA Aquatics World Magazine