Weekly Mailer
Dear VJO Swimmers and Parents,
As of today we have raised $1,300 for our Swim-A-Thon.  Remember our team goal is to raise $15,000 this year… we still have a lot of work to do swimmers.  Make sure you are out collecting pledges from you family members, friends and coworkers.  Remember the Swim-A-Thon is Tuesday June 25th from 5-7pm
Upcoming Events:
Senior Group Practice 5:30-7:30pm  - June 10th – 14th
Due to pool scheduling, next week on June 10th -14th the Senior Group will practice from 5:30-7:30pm.  We will be having long course practice in the afternoon. 
1st Day of Summer Morning Practice - Monday June 10th
We will be starting Weekday Morning Practice on Monday June 10th for the Senior and Age Groupers. These will be long course practices from 7-9am on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.  Do to swim meets there are some days we will not be practicing.  The weekday morning practice schedule can be found below.  All groups are invited to swim on Friday mornings.
Monday June 10th       – practice 7-9am
Wednesday June 12th – practice 7-9am
Friday June 14th              – NO PRACTICE (Summer Sanders Meet)
Monday June 17th       – NO PRACTICE (Day after meet)
Wednesday June 19th – practice 7-9am
Friday June 21st          – practice 7-9am (All Groups Invited)
Monday June 24         – practice 7-9am
Wednesday June 26th – practice 7-9am
Friday June 28th          – practice 7-9am (All Groups Invited)
Annual Pool Party & Alumni Reunion- Sat June 22nd 12-4pm
Make sure you mark your calendars for our Annual Pool Party and Alumni Reunion on Saturday June 22nd from 12-4pm at the Cunningham Pool.  We will be swimming, going off diving boards, playing games, doing family relays, and also holding our 3rd Annual BBQ Cook-Off.  This year we will also be holding a small alumni swim meet. Come join the fun and don’t forget to spread the word to any VJO Alumni you may know.
DATE: June 25th, 2013
TIME: 5 - 7 PM
SWIMMERS: Are you ready? Pledge forms have been placed in your folders. Encourage your friends/family/neighbors to support you! Get them to pledge a per lap $ amount or total $ amount! This is a VJO fundraiser - we need your pledges to make this event a success! Minimum FAMILY GOAL: $200.00, and our team goal is $15,000, we CAN do this! Let’s watch our barometer grow & WIN PRIZES! 
ON SWIM DAY:Bring lots of energy, kick-boards, fins and goggles! Wear your favorite bright cap and suit. Sign in at the ‘sign in’ table and get your label. Take the label to the lane you will swim in and give it to your lap counter. Swim as many laps as you can! Then enjoy the potluck!
PARENTS: Thank you for all your support for this event. We will need your help to make this work!
Every family MUST pitch in. Please sign up on one (or more) of our sign-up sheets! This will count toward your mandatory volunteer hours!
Some areas to help:
1. Canopies need to be set up & torn down.
2. We will also need loving families to count our swimmers’ laps, on the day of event.
3. Potluck - sign up today.
4. Check our sign-up sheets and join the fun!
Swim-A-Thon Questions? Call Cyndee Bogard @ 510-407-5282 or email: [email protected]
Upcoming Meets:
Napa Valley Long Course Meet - June 15-16 
***The Napa Valley Long Course Meet is CLOSED for entries.***   
Summer Sanders Long Course JR+ Meet (June 14-16, Roseville, CA)
***The Summer Sanders Meet is CLOSED for entries. ***
Meet Details:
Warm –ups: 7:00-8:15 am (Fri, Sat, & Sun)
Meet Begins: 8:30 am
Finals Warm-Up: 4:30pm
Finals Begin: 5:30pm
Hotel Info:Go to for $65/night 3 Stare Hotel (Hyatt Place).  Go to Express Deals.
Westside Aquaducks Long Course C/B/A Meet
***The Westside Aquaducks Long Course C/B/A Meet is CLOSED for entries.*** 
Ukiah Dolphins C/B/A Meet - July 26-28 
The Ukiah Dolphins Short Course C/B/A Meet is still open online for entries.  This will be our team meet for the month of July.  All VJO swimmers are encouraged to attend this meet... it will be a fun one! 
Entry Deadline:11:59pm Wednesday July 17th 2013.
Camping:  Get your sleeping bags and marshmallows ready!  We will be camping at Bushay Recreation Area Campgrounds at Lake Mendocino.  The price is $25 per night with a maximum of 8 people plus 2 vehicle per campsite. Total of $50 per campsite for 2 nights stay (Friday July 26th & Saturday July 27th).Campsites could accommodate 2 families. If we have 2 families per campsite we can split the accommodations to $12.50 per family per night.
How to Reserve your Campsite:Any VJO families interested in camping during the Ukiah Swim Meet please contact Marylou Miguel by Friday, 6/28/2013: [email protected] or by text only (707) 373- 8771. Please make your reservation ASAP.  Marylou Miguel currently has the following campsites reserved: 
1)  B69
2)  B70
3)  B71
4)  B72
5)  B73
6)  B77
7)  B78
8)  B81
Interested in Making Your Own Reservations:Families interested in making their own reservation either call 1-877 444-6777 or go to the website, then choose Bushay Recreation Area Campground. Our families would like to stay close together. Please try to reserve the other campsites near by B82, B83, B51, B53, B55, B79, and B80. These campsites are closer to the grassy play area and the lake.
Save the Date:
·        June 10        - 1st Day of Summer Morning Practice – Age Group & Seniors 7-9am
·        June 10-14   - Senior Group Practice changed to 5:30-7:30pm
·        June 15-16   - Napa Long Course Meet (Napa Valley College, CA)
·        June 14-16   - Summer Sanders Long Course JR+ Meet (Roseville, CA)
·        June 22         - Annual Pool Party and Alumni Reunion 12-4pm
·        June 25         - Swim –A- Thon 5-7pm
·        June 27         - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
·        June 28-30    - Westside Aquaducks Long Course Meet (Petaluma, CA)
·        July 4           - 4th of July Parade (No Swim Practice)
·        July 5           - No Afternoon Practice (only 7-9am morning practice)
·        July 12-14    - Junior Olympic Championships (Concord, CA)
·        July 17-21    - Summer Sectional Championships (Santa Clarita, CA)
·        July 25         - Team Picture Day (4-6pm)
·        July 25         - Shark Pride Day 6-7pm (After Team Picture)
·        July 27-28    - Ukiah Dolphins Meet (Ukiah, CA)
·        July 31-Aug 4Long Course Far Western Championships (San Jose, CA)
·        Aug 7-10      - Western Zones (Roseville, CA)
·        Aug 9-11      - Zone 3 Championships (Dual Venue Napa/Vallejo)
·        Aug 12-25    - Team Break (No Practice - 2 weeks)
·        Aug 26         - First Day of Fall Practice
·        Aug 29         - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
·        Sept 2          - No Practice (Labor Day)
·        Sept 14        - 2013 VJO Awards Banquet
·        Sept 26        - Shark Pride Day (All Groups 5-7pm)
·        Sept 27-29   - VJO Short Course C/B/A Meet
·        Sept 30        - No Practice (Meet Recovery Day)