Clippers Recognized by USA Swimming



From: Pat Hogan 
Sent: Tuesday, May 21, 2013 8:22 AM
Subject: USA Swimming Club Development Survey




Based on your excellent 12 & Under athlete retention rate, the Northern KY Clippers have been selected to participate in a questionnaire/interview being conducted by the USA Swimming Club Development Committee.


Since 2008, the overall retention rate for USA Swimming athlete members has been 71.4%. During that same period, the retention rate for 13 & Over swimmers has been 87.6% and 58.6% for 12 & Under swimmers.

For evaluation purposes, it is interesting to look at these rates compared to the 2001-2004 swimming years:


                         2001-2004          2009-2012

Overall:             66.2%               71.4%

13 & Over:        82.5%               87.6%

12 & Under:       54.5%               58.6%


When looking at statistics provided by the Sports and Fitness Industry Association, Swimming’s retention rates compare very favorably to other youth sports.


While our overall retention rates are generally positive and improving steadily, the committee believes that a targeted effort to increase 12 & under retention rates would be an effective way to reduce the drop-off most teams experience before swimmers turn 13 years of age.


The committee has identified 30 clubs that, each of the past two years, have surpassed the average 12 & under retention rate. The committee wants to survey each of these clubs and learn more about specific strategies, customs, or routines used by the club that are believed to contribute to these above average retention rates.


The intended objective of this project is to identify and publish common trends and practices that are believed to positively influence athlete retention and to share this information with all USA Swimming clubs.

Following are a set of 9 questions that we would like you or a designated assistant coach to answer. You may do that by email or, if easier, I can collect this information from you on the telephone. Please communicate your preference to me.

On behalf of the Club Development Committee, I want to thank you for participating in this project.  Best wishes for a great long course season!




Pat Hogan

Club Development Managing Director

USA Swimming

1 Olympic Plaza

Colorado Springs, CO 80909-5770