Need a New Suit?

To all:

We will doing a suit order for the summer season. Our fitting date will be Monday, June 24th from 5:15-5:45 pm. This is a great opportunity to try on suits so that you can order the proper size. If you need to reorder and already know your suit size, please email Nicole at [email protected]. What you order is what you get and there will be NO exchanges for wrong sizes. We will also be doing a cap order. The last name of your child will be on the cap and the minimum order is 2 $27 is for both of them). The suit order will close on Wednesday, June 26th.  

Prices are as follows:


Solid Durafast Jammer: $37.99

TYR Fusion 2 Jammer: $57.49


Solid Durafast Maxfit: $52.99

TYR Fusion 2 Aerofit: $67.99