UANA Masters Seeking National Federation Representatives

Masters Swimming is an international adult aquatic fitness program promoting wellness around the world for those who have chosen aquatics as their preferred exercise and a means to enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The International Swimming Federation (FINA) and its Continental counterpart in the Americas (UANA) support and regulate Masters Swimming.

The program is diverse in age and gender while it is divided into 4 components, fitness swimmers, triathletes, competitive swimmers and marathon/open water swimmers. The Masters Aquatic programs also include competitive and fitness events for Water Polo, Synchronized Swimming and Diving.

As the Masters movement continues to grow, each National Aquatics Federation would be best served by selecting an individual who will be responsible for organizing Masters Swimming within their country. This individual will ensure the growth of Masters Swimming and maintain an annual calendar of events within the Federation in order to avoid conflicting events with other FINA or UANA competitions around the world.   

We encourage each National Aquatics Federation to continue developing its programs to the fullest and we wish them the best of fortune in all their future endeavors.

Thank you for your support of aquatics around the world.

Fernando J Canales



New York , USA