ASCA Publishes OA Character First Manual

ASCA (The American Swimming Coaches Association) is moving forward with a manual that has evolved from the (Character First) presentations that Ronnie and Donnie have given at both National and International clinics.  Their hope is that this manual (donated to ASCA), and the example that OA swimmers have set, can add value to the swimming community and to youth sports in general.  This development is purely a testament to the extraordinary OA group and the great leaders and role models who have come before. The coaches thank the team for helping to create a special environment, and for proving that the greatest of life's virtues can be lived, enjoyed, and embedded, in youth sports every day.  The OA family has truly supported the team, the message, and the culture.  Below is the email/advertisement that was sent from ASCA to the coaching community.

“Character First”reads everything attached to Orinda Aquatics,
in Orinda, California and coached by brothers Don and Ron Heidary.

They don’t just talk about it, they live it every day.

The brothers have presented material about developing character that they use daily at clinics run by ASCA both in the USA and internationally.  They are hugely popular clinics because they “make real” what many of us “talk about” every day as a goal in our programs.

Now, for the first time, Coaches Heidary have put together a written and illustrated manual and made it available exclusively through ASCA:

Developing High-Character Athletes and High-Character Teams


The influence of “Character First” and the work of the Heidary brothers is among the most important work being done by any swim coaches in the world today. When it comes to creating Value for our customers of all levels of swim skill, this is IT! I can’t imagine a team that would not want to use this manual!”    -John Leonard, ASCA Executive Director


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