EAJ Summer Sizzler Meet Info

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EAJ Summer Sizzler Meet Information


As we are on the eve of our ‘Last Chance’ meet, please remember to keep it low key at home and on deck.  A lot of swimmers put extra pressure on themselves at a last chance meet.  Right now it’s a great time to put on your cheerleading outfit and be your kid’s number one supporter!  These meets are full of cheers and tears, so being neutral in your emotions will benefit your swimmer to stay focused on the multiple swims they will have this weekend.



Episcopal High School
4455 Atlantic Blvd
Jacksonville, FL 32207


Warm Up Schedule

We have assigned warm ups so please be on time!

Monday (13&Older)     2:20pm

Tuesday (12&Under)   2:55pm   

Wednesday (All Ages) 2:20pm    


Team Apparel
As always, if a swimmer elects to wear a cap it MUST be a Loggerhead Team Cap!

Monday – Navy Shirts
Tuesday – Navy Shirts
Wednesday – White Shirts


Tech Suits

Tech Suits will be allowed for those going to the meet for last chance swims for championship cuts.  Swimmers should get the OK from their coach prior to wearing the suit.
Swimmers of all ages SHALL NOT warm up in their tech suits.  Swimmers will be given time to change during the meet warm up.


Intermediate Splits, what are they?

Some swimmers will be attempting intermediate split times.  The coaches have entered your swimmer already with the plan.  So for an example, your swimmer might be close to a cut in the 50 Free but is entered in the 200 Free and will be swimming the 50 Free as an intermediate split of the 200 Free.  Coaches will explain to the athletes what this means, how to swim it, and will also tell swimmers which events they will be swimming as intermediate splits (not everyone is doing them!).

As a parent, we will need your help to do these!  To do an intermediate split we will need three independent timers with a stop watch.  We will provide the stopwatch, but will need your assistance in being ready to go time for your swimmer!  Swimmers are able to be a timer, too!


1500 and 1000 Freestyles

While there is nothing in the meet letter that states this, please plan to provide your own timer.  As usual, you will need your own counter.


FLAG Meet Entries

Coaches must submit entries for the Florida Age Group Championships by 10:00pm on Wednesday night.  Swimmer’s that DO NOT declare themselves as NOT GOING on our team website will automatically be entered.

More information regarding relays, etc will come as soon as we get through the Episcopal meet this week.


If you have any questions please contact Coach Mark ([email protected]) for Senior or Coach John ([email protected]) for Age Group.


-The Loggerhead Coaching Staff 

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