2013-14 Registration Forms


2013 - 2014 season begins Sept 1, 2013

USA Swimming will not be sending out applications for registrations this year. They want all teams, individual, team 

registrations to be downloaded from this site as needed. 


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TO:  LSC Registrars


The changes to the online Athlete Protection Training (APT) requirement, which are outlined below, will take place on or around September 1st (that’s the target date). Remember that the APT is a requirement for all non-athlete members so it will affect more than just coaches and officials. Please help spread the word about these changes in any documents that you send out or publish regarding 2014 non-athlete membership. Thank you!


APTs expiring September thru December 2013: will be extended to 12/31/13

APTs expiring in 2014: will be extended to 12/31/14

APTs expiring in 2015: will be extended to 12/31/15


The APT will need to be done every membership year, not every other year. This will go into effect as each member renews his/her APT effective 9/1/13. Members with a 2014 or 2015 APT expiration date won’t need to renew it until that time but it will then need to be done with every membership year. (See the examples below.)


The expiration date will always be 12/31 and it will be computed based on the same way that our membership year is determined:

            If you take the APT between September 1 – December 31, it will be valid until 12/31 of the following year

            If you take the APT between January 1 – August 31, it will be valid until 12/31 of the current year


The extensions to 12/31 will be done automatically in SWIMS sometime around 9/1/13.



Cathy Durance

Member Services Coordinator