RAYS Ladies finish 2nd at Sectionals

Congrats to the RAYS 3rd place at Sectionals. We now have 6 National/Open swimmers (Sammie Bosma, Shannon O'Malley, Melissa Postoll, Becca Postoll, Alec Cohen & Jimmy Yoder) and 7 Junior National swimmers this summer (Charlotte Holz, Melissa Postoll, Becca Postoll, Taylor Weiss, Nathan Burwick, Jack Gunning & Jimmy Yoder)

Sectional Recap (Note this is what Coach Ian posted on our facebook page) - sign up to our page from the link on our home page or request to follow Coach ian on twitter - @rayscoach


Great finals tonight at Sectionals

Charlotte Holz 200 IM 2:21 New Junior National cut - her first
Becca Postoll 200 IM 2:21 New Junior National cut & 50 Fr 26.7 new cut too
Melissa Postoll 200 IM 2:20 New Junior National cut
Nathon Burwick 200 IM 2:09 New Junior National cut
Sammie Bosma 2nd 50 Fr 26.2
New US Open/National cut
Jack Gunning 200 Fl 2:09 New Junior National B cut
Taylor Weiss 200 Fl 2:20
Junior National B cut
Lila Best 200 Fl 2:22 New Junior National B cut
Jimmy Yoder wins 200 Fl 2:01

We have 5 qualified for Junior Nationals so far

Day 2

RAYS move into 2nd place after day 2 at Sectionals with some great finals swims last night.

Becca Postoll 2nd 200 Fr with new US open cut

The trio of Jimmy Yoder 9th, Alec Cohen 10th & Michael Dugan 12th 200 Fr. Add Jack Gunning and the guys finished 4th in the 400 Fr relay

Melissa Postoll 9th, Sammie Bosma 10th & Charlotte Holz 16th 100 Bk

Alec Cohen 15th 400 IM

Becca, Sammie, Melissa & Jordan Drake 2nd 400 Fr relay with a new US Open cut

Day 3

RAYS had a superb night of swimming on the third day of the Sectional Championships

Becca Postoll 3rd 400 Fr

Jimmy Yoder 7th 400 Fr & 9th 100 Fly

Alec Cohen 8th 400 Fr

Samantha Bosma 5th 100 Fl with new US Open/National cut 1:01.1

Taylor Weiss 15th 100 Fly with new Junior National cut 1:02.7

Ben Hendrickson gets his first winter Junior National cut in the 100 BR 1:07.0

Shannon O'Malley 2nd 100 BR with a 1:11.7 US Open/National cut

800 Fr Relays
Samantha, Lila Best, Becca & Melissa Postoll 2nd place

Jack Gunning, Michael, Alec & Jimmy 2nd with a US Open/National cut

Day 4


RAYS Ladies finish 2nd at Sectionals, RAYS finish 3rd as a combined Team

Following our 2nd place finish at the SC championship, we had some outstanding swims on Sunday to earn 3rd place

Here are some highlights
Becca Postoll 1st 100 Fr 57.01
Becca was also 11th 200 Bk 2:21.1
Melissa Postoll 2nd 200 Bk 2:15.99 new Us Open/National cut
Charlotte Holz 13th 200 Bk 2:21.9
Jack Gunning 10th 200 Bk 2:07.10 his first Junior National cut
Girls 400 MR 2nd Melissa, Shannon O'Malley, Taylor Weiss & Becca

Boys 400 MR 1st Alec Cohen, Ben Hendrickson (1:05.9 split BR), Jimmy Yoder & Michael Dugan