Go For Your Goals Video Contest


Our senior swimmers have put together an excellent video and entered the Go After Your Goals Contest! You can view the video and vote for our team at the link below:

Now its time to get out and promote the vote!!! We are the first video on the page: Albany Armada Aquatics.  Forward this link to your family, friends, neighbors... anyone with an email address!! The grand prize is $5000 but if you ask me I think we are already winners judging by the team work and effort put into the video! I'm very proud of the message and hope you are too :)

You can vote everyday till August 15th...ARMADA has almost 1000 votes already and in 3rd place! Help us take the lead and vote today!

Filmed by Lawrence Ma, Stella Goldstein, Juliane Corpus, Helen Garcia, and Spencer Tang. 

Edited by Stella Goldstein, Alex and Gus Brown, and Chloe Kapanen. 

Special thanks to Anja and Maxime Hendrikse-Liu, Laura Spielman, and Ally and Annie Fromson-Ho for brainstorming/ideas.