VV Invitational and MORE!


Happy monday!

A quick congratulations to all of our swimmers who completed their mile swim while raising money for our team! Way to go and good job!

You’re #1 in our book!   Most everyone managed to complete their swim before the thunder and lightning hit. As you can see here on the web site most swimmers and their friends and family members did not make use of our online donation  submission form. So we are still waiting for our team members to collect and turn in their sponsor’s checks, cash and coins! As soon as that is complete we will have a final tally of funds raised and how much we accomplished.  :-)

Also any swimmer, or family member who would still like to swim the mile, please talk to your coach to make special arrangements. You can’t get the  awesome tee shirt without swimming ! Once again, great job swimmers…lots of great times, and happy smiling faces in the water and on deck.   I'm proud of you.


This coming Saturday is our end of summer swim meet in Cottonwood.

The 32nd Annual Verde Valley Invitational. This is a classic meet, which is enjoyable, and always a day of good-natured competitiveness. An all day event jam packed with camaraderie with our next-door neighbor Cottonwood, and five or six other teams. Sometimes past swimmers and coaches drop by to show team support and spirit.  It's always a blast, and always a great day.

Cottonwood does have a snack bar, but I strongly encourage you to bring water, and healthy snacks, as well as lots of sunscreen, towels, a hat or shade. There are bleachers but folding chairs are sometimes a good idea if your family wants to sit off to the side.

Have a great week, and lets prepare to kick some fin on Saturday. Our warm up is at 7:00 and the meet starts at 8:00- please be prompt. 

On behalf of all the coaches on deck I just want to say you guys ROCK. We swim fast, and WE HAVE FUN!!!

See you at the pool,

Coach B

Here are some rules, below that  Cottonwood has passed along for our review. 

Welcome to our facility
Please make sure all participants and attending families attend to the following:
GARBAGE: Help us to keep our new facility looking new.
Pick up all your trash. Pack it in and pack it out!
PARKING: Park only in the rear of the Cottonwood Recreation Center lot, the Yavapai County building lot (next to the Library and Park), or the Cottonwood Middle School lot (across Mingus Avenue to the North of the pool). NO PARKING in the Library lot and the front area of the Recreation Center.
ENTRANCE TO POOL: Swimmers only, enter thru middle gate. Family members and guests, please use side gates.
FOOD: Keep food in designated areas only. Food is allowed on the upper deck only. NO food on lower deck. Only water is allowed on the lower deck.
BATHROOMS: Use pool house bathrooms only.
SHADE & GRASS AREAS:Pop-ups may be placed on the deck or grass area. Please do not use stakes in the grass. For safety reasons, pop-ups should not be set up the night before and left unattended.
POOL AREA: Keep pool area open for judges. At all times, remain behind the barriers.