Club Excellence Spotlight: Bolles School Sharks

Club Excellence Spotlight: Bolles School Sharks

July 26, 2013





By Emily Sampl//Correspondent

After a tenth place showing in the 2011 Club Excellence standings and ninth place finish last year, the Bolles2013 Club Excellence Gold School Sharks continue to climb the elite swimming ranks in the U.S., finishing in fifth place this year with 30,732 points.

Sergio Lopez, a 1988 Olympic bronze medalist in the 200m breast for Spain, took over the reins of the program in 2007 and has guided Bolles swimmers to numerous U.S. National Team and Olympic berths during his time in Jacksonville, Fla. Currently, three Bolles swimmers (Ariana Kukors, Charlie Houchin and Ryan Murphy) are part of USA Swimming’s National Team.

Lopez says it is a privilege to work with such a talented group of coaches, swimmers and parents, who have all made the team a success. Below are five things he believes have contributed to the Bolles School Sharks’ rise within USA Swimming.

1. Working everyday in the synergy and alignment of the coaching staff, ensuring that each coach is capable of developing his/her talents to fulfill the mission and vision of the club.

2. Bolles has a very rich tradition of excellence that is supported 100% by The Bolles School. The school's mission of excellence in academics, arts and sports is a key factor in the success of the swim team.

3. Tradition is what helps everyone (coaches, swimmers, parents, administration, etc.) understand that everyday, we have to give our best in order to make the tradition richer and feel like we’re a part of it.

4. Parent support is also another key element that helps the club, coaching staff and the swimmers keep working to reach excellence and make our tradition richer. Our Bolles parents are very special to the club and are always willing to help the club and the coaches strive for excellence.

5. Without our Bolles swimmers, the club would not be what it is. Our Sharks are very proud of being on the team, and they understand the tradition of excellence that Bolles carries. They embrace the responsibility of making our tradition stronger and better.