NE 12 & Under Championships

The following swimmers competed at the NE 12 & Under Championships: 

1.  Ron Finkleberg

2.  Lorelie Folger

3.  Sam Folger

4.  Peter LaFrance

5.  Chloe Song

6.  Isabella Song

7.  Owen Springfiled

8.  Anabel Szydlik

9.  Vivian Weng

10.  bethan Wiley-Cordone

11.  Aaron Wong


The following swimmers placed in the top 16:


Ron Finkelberg-  100BK 14th

                            50BR 12th


Sam Folger-   50FR 3rd

                      100FR 3rd

                      200FR 4th

                       50BK 7th

                     100BK 12th

                      50Fly 2nd

                    100Fly 3rd

                     200IM  4th


Peter LaFrance-  200FR 13th

                            400FR 10th


Isabella Song-  50BK  16th


Vivian Weng-  200BK 16th

                       100BR  13th