We are deeply saddened today to learn of the passing of Katie Nissen  after a sudden, brief illness this week.    Katie has been a member of GOAL for nearly 10 years.   All GOAL’s senior practices will be cancelled tomorrow morning, Fri. Aug. 2.

“As many of you know,  Katie was a truly inspiring teammate with her contagious smile and positive attitude.  We are at a loss for words for what to say about this great tragedy.   I’m sure many of you feel the same way.  We need to bond together and help each other to get through this like Katie would want us to.  Katie was a truly special person in that it was evident that her heart was open to all.  If we ever needed to “assign” a swimmer to welcome and show the ropes to a new swimmer, Katie was perfect for that.  Katie was comfortable talking to us whenever she saw us, something that is not too common among teenagers.   Please say a special prayer for the Nissen family, she will be so greatly missed by us all.”  - Coach Tom and Vickie Beck, Coach Alex Lewis.

“If you ask any GOAL swimmer, they will all tell you that Katie always had the biggest smile on her face.  There was so much to that smile: happiness, care, support and encouragement.  Many times swimmers had bad days or bad races and Katie would rush over to cheer them up.  It always just took them seeing her smile to start feeling better.  Her presence made us better teammates, swimmers and people.  She will be dearly missed but her smile will live on, reminding us to enjoy swimming and love life. “  From Coach BJ

“I would like to say rest in peace with God, Katie. But Katie's life was all about peace. Creating it, giving it, and believing in it. With a life so full of peace I don't see her resting in it I see her grabbing it and taking it where it belongs. Everyone knows how sweet, compassionate and giving Katie was. I saw it when she was just a little girl. When my daughter started swimming and knew no one in her group it was Katie who grabbed her and showed her what to do. No one told her to do that. She saw a confused girl that needed a little help and she just did it. Not for recognition or a pat on the back. She just did it because there was someone in need. In memory of Katie I wish for all of us take a page out of her book and spread peace, love, and compassion to all. We need more people like Katie Nissen in this world.

God bless Katie and the Nissen family for all they have done and the remarkable impact they have on others.  Always in my thoughts." - Coach Becky