DCST National Results - Day 5 Jack Fergus Take 5th in the 50 Backstroke

DCST National Results – Day 5 Jack Fergus Takes 5th in the 50 Backstroke

        DCST’s last day at the YMCA National Championships was highlighted by Jack Fergus’ 5th place finish in the 50 meter Backstroke.  He lowered his previous career best time by 0.5 seconds, and he was name a National All-American in this event.  In the 200 yard Butterfly, Daniel Hein went 5.2 seconds faster than his previous best time and had a 13th place finish.  By being named a National All-American in this event, he achieved this honor in all 4 of his individual events.  Fergus and Hein’s very successful day wasn’t completed until they joined Ryan Schultz and Jacob Bjork in being name National All-Americans again in the 400 meter Medley Relay.  This foursome placed 13th, and they went 7.4 seconds under their seed time.  For Bjork, this was the first time in his career being named a National All-American.  He is now the 37th DCST swimmer to achieve this honor.  For the week, all 5 of DCST’s men were name National All-Americans.  Hein was DCST’s most decorated swimmer of the meet by achieving this honor 6 times, while Fergus was second with 5 National All-American honors.

        The men continued their very impressive day in the 200 meter Freestyle Relay when Fergus, Dylan Powers, Bjork and Hein swam 3.9 seconds faster than their entry time in placing 26th.  Powers completed his busy days with a whopping 9.4 second time drop in his 200 meter Butterfly and a best time in the 50 meter Backstroke.  In the 200 meter Breaststroke, Bjork and Schultz went faster than their career bests by 4.4 and 0.1 seconds, respectively.

        DCST’s women also had an excellent last day of the meet.  The 400 meter Medley Relay team of Kylie Olson, Jensen Keck, Sarah Fergus and Caitlynn Moon dropped an eye-popping 8.6 seconds.  Moon and Fergus teamed up with Brittnie Dean and Ashley Stark to improve their 200 meter Freestyle Relay time by 3.3 seconds.  In leading off the relay, Moon set a new DCST Team record in the 50 meter Freestyle for her 5th new team record of the meet.  Lexi Olson and Keck were both phenomenal in the 100 meter Breaststroke with 5.9 and 4.8 second time drops.  DCST had 3 best times in the Women’s 50 meter Backstroke: Sarah Hein dropped 5.8 seconds, Kylie Olson dropped 1.8 seconds and Sarah Fergus dropped 0.1 seconds.

        On the day, DCST had 15 best times out of 16 total swims.  For the week, DCST has 52 best times out of 61 total swims for an outstanding 85% improvement rate.  Totals for the week also included 7 new team records, and DCST had 6 swimmers earn National All-American honors a total of 19 times.  Moreover, DCST was the highest scoring team from Illinois in all three divisions (Women, Men and Combined).

Listed below are some individual highlights for the week:

·         Jacob Bjorkhad 4 career best times and was named a National All-American once.

·         Brittnie Dean had 1 career best time.

·         Jack Fergus had 7 career best times and was named a National All-American 5 times.

·         Sarah Fergus had 3 career best times.

·         Daniel Hein had 4 career best times, set 1 new team record, and was named a National All-American 6 times.

·         Sarah Hein had 4 career best times.

·         Jensen Keck had 4 career best times.

·         Caitlynn Moon had 6 career best times, set 5 new team records, was named National All-American 4 times and won 4 National Titles.

·         Kylie Olson had 5 career best times.

·         Lexi Olson had 6 career best times.

·         Dylan Powers had 4 career best times and was named National All-American once.

·         Ryan Schultz had 3 career best times, set one team record and was named National All-American 2 times.

·         Ashley Stark had 1 career best time.

DCST National Results

        Women’s 200 meter Freestyle Relay
                Caitlynn Moon, Brittnie Dean, Sarah Fergus, Ashley Stark (36th) – 1:54.28 (Moon’s lead-off split was a new DCST Team Record of 27.84)

        Men’s 200 meter Freestyle Relay
                Jack Fergus, Dylan Powers, Jacob Bjork, Daniel Hein (26th) – 1:42.78

        Men’s 200 meter Butterfly
                Daniel Hein
                        Prelims (17th) – 2:10.94
                        Finals (13th) – 2:09.39 (National All-American)
                Dylan Powers (35th) – 2:13.24

        Women’s 50 meter Backstroke
                Kylie Olson (58th) – 32.72
                Sarah Fergus (64th) – 32.82
                Sarah Hein (87th) – 33.45

        Men’s 50 meter Backstroke
                Jack Fergus
                        Prelims (8th) – 28.34
                        Finals (5th) – 27.97 (National All-American)
                Dylan Powers (62nd) – 30.30

        Women’s 100 meter Breaststroke
                Jensen Keck (48th) – 1:18.35
                Lexi Olson (76th) – 1:19.93
                Brittnie Dean (125th) – 1:23.56

        Men’s 100 meter Breaststroke
                Ryan Schultz (45th) – 1:09.81
                Jacob Bjork (48st) – 1:09.90

        Women’s 400 meter Medley Relay
                Kylie Olson, Jensen Keck, Sarah Fergus, Caitlynn Moon (23rd) – 4:35.57

        Men’s 400 meter Medley Relay
                Jack Fergus, Ryan Schultz, Daniel Hein, Jacob Bjork
                        Prelims (11th) – 4:02.28
                        Finals (13th) – 4:01.88 (All four swimmers earned National All-American honors)

Team Scores

DCST Women – 20th
DCST Men – 21st
DCST Combined Scoring – 22nd