Alison Hung and Owen Cuenca Swim to New PRTs

Pacific Recognition Time (PRT) is the time standard used for 8/under swimmers for compiling the Top 10 Pacific age group times for each season.  The PRT standard is one step above an "A" time for 8/under swimmers.


Two of the Islanders 8 year old swimmers, Alison Hung and Owen Cuenca (pictured here, to the right of teammate Oliver Cantal), achieved PRTs at the Long Course C/B/A+ meet held in Pleasanton, CA July 27-28, 2013.


Alison achieved her (2) PRTs in 50m Free, in a time of 40.36, and in 50m Fly, in a time of 46.35.


Owen achieved his PRT in 50m Breast, in a time of 56.84.  Not stopping there, Owen also made two new "A" times:  50m Free, 46.07 and 100m Free, 1:42.05.


The 8/under boys were well represented by AIA at this meet, with Matthew Lee establishing four new "B" times (50m and 100m Free, 50m Back, and 50m Breast).  Jacob Yim made three new "B" times (50m Free, 50m Breast, and 50m Fly), and Michael Oreshkov made two new "B" times (50m Free and 50m Fly).


Not to be outdone, 10 year old Oliver Cantal swam to one PRT of his own, in 200m Free, 2:46.17, and FOUR NEW JUNIOR OLYMPIC QUALIFYING TIMES in the 9-10 Boys Division (50m and 100m Free, 100m Back, and 100m Fly). Oliver established a personal best time in all 7 events that he swam.


New Standards were established by the following:

9-10 Boys

Jadin Blea-Salinas:  Two "B" times (50m and 100m Free) and two new "A" times (100 Back and 50 Breast)

Matthew Hung:  Two new "B" times (50m Free and 200 IM), and one new "A" time in 100m Fly.

Brandon Lee, David Son, and Jonathan Yim also established new personal best times.


11-12 Girls

Jasmine Cheng:  Three new "B" times (50m Free, 100m Fly, and 200 IM)

Maria Clavin:  Three new "A" times (200m Free, 100m Back, and 100m Fly)

Isabelle Delore:  Two personal best times (100m Back and 50m Breast)

Ashley Hendrawan: A new "B" time in 200 Free, a new "A" time in 200 IM, and a new JUNIOR OLYMPIC QUALIFYING TIME in 100m Fly.  100% improvement - established personal best times in all 8 events swum.

Katherine Hung:  A new "A" time in 50m Free

Lauren Lum:  Two new "B" times (200m and 400m Free).  100% improvement - personal best times in all 7 events swum.

Angelina Yim:  Four new "B" times (100m Free, 100m Back, 50m Breast, and 100m Fly) and an "A" time in 200m IM


13-14 Girls

Julianna Cardenas:  100% improvement - Personal Best Times in all 8 Events swum

Maddy Delore:  Established two Personal Best Times in 100m Free and 100m Breast, and took 1st Place in the "A" Division in four events (50m and 100m Free, and 100m and 200m Breastroke)

Alexa Lum:  Three new Personal Best Times (200m and 400m Free, and 400m IM)


13-14 Boys

Anthony Cantal:  Personal Best Times in four events (100m Free, 100m Back, 100m Breast, and 100m Fly)

Aaron Chu:  Three new "A" times (100m Breast, 100m Fly, and 200m IM).  100% improvement - personal best times in all four events swum.

Arron Clavin:  Two new JUNIOR OLYMPIC QUALIFYING TIMES (50m and 200m Free)

Jake Cuenca:  100% Improvement - Personal Best Times in all eight events swum.

Joshua Hui:  One new "B" time in 200m Breast

Anthony Oreshkov:  Two new Personal Best Times (50m Free and 100m Fly)

Plamen Tzvetkou:  Personal Best Times in all five events sum


Complete Meet Results can be found here: