SVY Team Suits and Gear
Dear SVY Parents and Swimmers,
It is that time of the year to begin ordering our winter team suit, team caps and practice gear.  The Ultimate Swim Shop in Metuchen has set a great link on out website in which you will be able to view our team suit, paddles, fins, swim caps, etc., for ordering.  We are asking that you order your suits and gear before September 1st so that delivery can be made at the picnic on September 22nd and avoid shipping charge. 
***All orders must be made online on the website via credit card.  Please do not email me your order or payment.
All orders must be placed by September 1st to receive them at the picnic and avoid the shipping charges.  Any orders placed after September 1st will be shipped directly to your house after the picnic and you will need to pay the shipping charge. 
***For those of you that are not familiar with our team policy, the traditional team suit which is available through Ultimate Swim Shop is our official suit to be worn at ALL swim meets unless otherwise directed by you practice group coach.  If your son or daughter has a problem with the fit of the team suit then you may purchase a plain black suit to be worn at swim meets.  If you have last years team suit and it is still in good condition, you may also wear the suit at meets.  The team policy states that no fast skins or acquablades may be worn at dual meets or invitational meets unless directed to do so by your head coach.  Please address any questions or concerns regarding this policy to Dan Roth at
The team suit this year is slightly different then the endurance suit used in the previous years.  It has a little more lycra in it so it stretches and fits well.  If you order your swimmer a suit and the size needs to be changed you will be able to do so at the picnic.  In other words, order the suit before September 1st in the size you think your swimmer wears and if need be exchanges can be made at the picnic.  Holding off  placing your order until after September 1st will mean that the suit may not be shipped to you until mid October.  There will be extra suits and gear to buy at the picnic. However, ordering ahead is highly recommended to guarentee you receive the suit on time.  Plus, your order will be bagged and ready to be picked up - no lines! 
In addition to ordering your team suit I strongly encourage ordering extra caps at this time as well.  Two types of caps are offered; silicone and latex.  In order for our team to place an order, we must have a minimum number or orders in each cap type to place that order.  There may not be another cap order (therefore a chance for you to get personalized caps) this year.  Take advantage now and order your supply of personalized caps now! 
As far as any additional equipment needed...every swimmer will need goggles, caps, mesh bag and fins.  Some 9/10 swimmers will use junior snorkels and 11/12 swimmers will most likely use a regular snorkel.  These items can also be purchased after the season has started at Ultimate Swim Shop if you are not sure such items will be needed at this point.   Please keep in mind that Ultimate Swim Shop has been beneficial to us in many ways and give us a discount on suits and equipment throughout the year if you mention that you are from SVY when shopping.  The ladies at the shop have been wonderful with their service and assistance over the years.
Directions for ordering apparel:
1) Once on the Ultimate Swim Shop Site , all team members should register (top right drop down under "Account") with a user ID and Password.   You will want to indicate SVY team. 
2) There will be a slight lag (up to 24 hours) before you receive an email that your account has been updated by the system and after that time you will then be allowed to view the team specific SVY page.   Apologizes for this slight delay.
3) Once registered and updated you will be able to log in to the SVY pages that will display under Categories on the right hand side of the site.   You will also see the team specific deadlines for ordering etc on the front screen when you sign in. 
You will also be able to view items from the rest of the Ultimate Swim Shop site if you need any other merchandise (goggles, bungees, fins, snorkels etc) and you can add that to your cart.   
Please stay tuned for an email regarding SVY apparel information.  If you have any questions you can reach me at or (908) 230-1959.
Enjoy the rest of the summer,

RoseMarie D'Allegro & Toni Delbuono