Welcome to our 2nd week of the 2013-2014 season!  We are excited to welcome our new families to SCAT!  At this point we have 32 new families with the team.  No doubt your swimmers are seeing some new faces and hopefully meeting some new friends.

The increase in enrollment has forced us to make some practice time and schedule adjustments.  We understand this has required some flexibility on everyone’s part and we appreciate your support.  We will have additional Silver team members joining in September as we will secure two additional lanes at that time.

We have hired additional coaches each practice group to meet the needs of the additional team. 

Bronze  - Lead Coach – Denise Sturman;

                Assistant– Jamey, Cathy (M/W), Suzy (Tu/Th), Wendy and Natasha

Silver – Lead Coach – David Menchinger

                Assistant  - Wendy, Natasha

Gold – Lead Coach – Cathy Copeland

                Assistant – Christine

Senior – Lead Coach – Jamey Myers

                Assistants – Cathy (M/W), David (M-Th), Denise (M-Th), Wendy


Please also review your swimmers equipment list and be sure they are arriving at the pool with the proper items.  ALL SWIMMERS MUST BRING A WATER BOTTLE AND PAIR OF ATHLETIC SHOES TO EVERY PRACTICE.

We have modified our Seasonal program to allow space for additional year round team members.  We have met and discussed our meet schedule for the Short Course season.  Please check the website for updates.  Coach Cathy will have the meet schedule posted by the end of the week.   Occasionally we have made some changes mid-season due to extenuating factors, but for the most part, this should provide you with a pretty good picture of what our calendar will look like through March.

Once again, we will be splitting the team for some meets as some meets are more appropriate for different levels of swimmers.  Please be sure to review which age or practice group is recommended for each meet.  Occasionally we will be splitting our staff to attend 2 meets per weekend, so it is important that you attend the meet recommended for your swimmers practice group (or age) depending on the meet.

We will be having a New Family Orientation on Tuesday, Aug 20 at the Kedron Fieldhouse.  All new families must attend one of the 3 sessions offered.  If you are a returning SCAT family and you would like a “refresher” on SCAT schedules, website navigation, billing procedures or general administrative issues, please feel free to attend. 

New Family Orientation Meetings - Kedron Fieldhouse - Room 3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

3:45 – 4:30

4:45 – 5:30

5:45 – 6:30


One last note regarding Labor Day weekend – Enjoy the long weekend!!  We will NOT have practice on Saturday or Monday.  We hope you enjoy one last “summer” break with your families and will return Sep 2nd and get the season underway!

We will be sending out additional updates next week regarding some upcoming events for the team! 

Have a great week!

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