A Loss for the WRA Family

Over the years, many people have expressed how much they appreciate the family aspect of this swim team.  As anyone in a family knows, families experience good times and difficult times - We have enjoyed many good times together.  However, it is often during the hard times that everyone really pulls together, and that unity produces a lot of good in those difficult times. 

This last week, the Hamborg/Foote & WRA family experienced a great loss.  On Monday evening, August 12th, our swim instructor, Madisyn Hamborg-Foote, and her husband, Levi, gave birth to their first child, Jackson Levi.  Early Tuesday morning, sweet Jackson went to be with Jesus due to breathing complications.  This pain is very difficult to even share, but we feel it's important, as Madisyn has interacted with many of the children and families on this swim team.  Everyone at the pool this summer witnessed little Jackson grow as Madisyn proudly displayed her pregnant belly for all to see while she taught the children to swim.  

We appreciate the prayers, support, and kind words from those of you who have already reached out to our family, and are thankful in advance for your continued prayers and care.  It is our faith in God, His hand in our lives, and the prayers of many that will see us through this difficult time.  We thank God for Jackson Levi Foote - Though his time here on earth with us was short, he has touched the lives of many.

A memorial service will be held Sat Aug 24,at 3:00 pm at McCullough Funeral Home. Please see this link for more information:  Jackson's Memorial Service.


Coach June  (Jackson's Grandmother)

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