2019 Sponsors
Conference Champion T-shirts


We have received our initial order of 200 shirts celebrating the Stingrays 2013 Northland Conference Championship.  The first sale of shirts will be this Saturday, September 21 from 3-7pm at Tracy and Sara Shelby's home at 1208 NE 93rd St. in the Willow Brooke subdivision.  Shirts are being sold at the team's cost of $10 for cotton t-shirts and ladies fit shirts.  We also have a limited number of wick-away/dry fit shirts for $15 each.

We based the sizes and quantity for this first order on the anonymous survey conducted back in August.  As no specific orders were taken at that time, shirts will be sold on a first come-first served basis.  If we run out of your preferred size, we will take orders and pre-payments next Saturday for a second purchase of shirts within the next few weeks.  Based on the number of shirts that we sell on Saturday, we may have a second sale on an upcoming weekend.  If that ends up being the case, we will email out a list of the available sizes before that second sale.  We will also solicit for additional orders via email at that time.

Everyone who wants a shirt will get a shirt, so don't worry if you are unable to make it to the sale on Saturday.  In addition to the likely second order this year, we also intend to have shirts for sale at the 2014 registration next April.

Just a few requests around this upcoming sale:

  • Please don't email and ask for shirts to be set aside for you.  The sale really is first come first served.
  • Please only come by the Shelbys between 3 and 7pm this Saturday.  
  • Exact cash or checks please.

Thanks for a great championship season!  Go Stingrays!