Dressel Finishes Meet With World Junior Title

Dressel Finishes Meet With World Junior Title

September 3, 2013




As the World Junior Championships in Dubai came to a close last Saturday, Caeleb Dressel, ended the meet with a World Junior Title in the 100 Meter Freestyle with a time 48.97. That time not only won the Gold Medal, but it also was a championship record and a new 17-18 NAG record. It was a record that was once held by the "Greatest of All Time", Michael Phelps. Caeleb left the meet with 6 Medals for Team USA and an abundant of international experience. This was his first international meet and first time representing the United States of America.

Caeleb was not the lone Bolles Sharks at this prestigious meet as he was joined by 3 other Bolles Sharks, McKenna Debever of Peru, Natasha Gvakharia Mgebrishvili of Mexico and Steven Maina of Kenya. All swam at least one best time at the meet. This meet was an honor to be part of for these swimmers and a great stepping stone for their future in the sport of swimming. Go Bolles!!!




Caeleb Dressel (USA)

50 Free: 22.22 (Bronze Medal) New 17-18 NAG from Bolles Sharks Teammate Santo Condorelli

100 Free: 48.97 (Gold Medal) New Championship Record and New 17-18 NAG from NBAC Michael Phelps

200 Free: 1:49.29 (6th)

400 Free Relay: 48.29 split (Silver) That time would have been as fast as Team USA World Championships relay members

800 Free Relay: 1:48.27 split (Bronze)

400 Free Mix Relay: 48.83 split (Silver)

400 Medley Mix Relay: 48.70 split (Bronze)


McKenna DeBever (Peru)

200 IM: 2:22.86 (25th)

100 Back: 1:06.55 (40th)

200 Back: 2:20.92 (27th)

100 Free: 59.64 (41st)


Natasha Gvakharia Mgebrishvili (Mexico)

50 Free: 26.27 (13th)

100 Free: 57.76 (25th)


Steven Maina (Kenya)

100 Free: 55.46 (65th)

200 Free: 2:03.34 (55th)

400 Free: 4:26.86 (53rd)

50 Back: 30.15 (45th)

200 Back: 2:20.25 (40th)