How To Sign Up For A Swim Meet

Meet Sign Up

Step by Step

Here’s a step by step process to sign up for Meets this season through our website at

1.      Go to our website

2.      Sign in with your password

3.      Go to the meet your interested in, under “Rays Events” middle of front page

4.      Click “Edit Commitment” red box

5.      Click on your swimmer(s) name

6.      Click “*Declaration” box

7.      Click “Yes”

8.      Click “Save changes” box on bottom right

9.      Click “Sessions/days” and choose which ones your swimmer will attend*

10.   *If confused about which days or sessions they will attend, or you want to send a note to the coach, you can type a note in the “notes” box that pops up. Always a good back up.

Please note, if you DO NOT specify which day(s) your swimmer is committing to, it will lead to confusion for the coach and may even lead to your swimmer being entered on the wrong days,  So PLEASE utilize the “notes” box to tell us which day(s) your swimmer will swim.