Thunder Policy


Welcome again to another great Season at the Wolverines.

Please a second to read the statement below reguarding our Thunder Policy.

It is the policy of Westchester County to Close all Facilities for 30 minutes in the event of Thunder.

We at Westchester Aquatic Club always do our best to ensure all programs run as best they can within the Safety Regulations of our County and also U.S.A. Swimming. 

Please use good Judgement when sending your children to Practice and try not to be out of reach, also make sure your child has a number to call so we can reach you!

In the Event of a Cancelled Practice an alert will be sent out to all Members!

Do not drop off your child if it currently thundering at our location, for safety reasons the pool will be cleared and the kids will have to wait. 


Hopefuly Swimming,

Westchester Aquatics Club :)