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After the spirit wear and team gear sale tomorrow, new parents are encouraged to send at least one parent to a new parent meeting.  The meeting will be in Activity Room A close to the back desk of the community center from 7:00-8:00 p.m..   This meeting will cover many of the team policies and procedures as well as instructions on how to use the web site.

For a detailed summary of the topics that will be covered can be found by clicking here (printable) or see below.  We will update this summary if anything additional is covered in the meeting and then email it to the team. 





2013 Parent Meeting Summary


.              Welcome

a.    Coaching Staff        

                                          i.    Ken Heis, Todd Billhimer, Mark Sullivan, Mike Tomes, Katie Busse, Ginger Tomes, Trish Schoenlein, Lauren Bogan, Derek Finn, Tommy Harnden, Megan Davenport, Emilie Hoeper, Feliz Hall, Emilie Hoeper, Amanda Smith, Sabrina Manning, Heather Schooner (please see bio’s on web site).

                                        ii.    Stable Core—For Swimmers, Mark Daasch, PT (513)671-6362

1.    Study Gold, Platinum, & National Swimmers

2.    Injuries care for entire team.


b.    History of the Manta Rays

                                          i.    Team Founded by the City of Mason in August 2003

1.    Goal: Develop a first class USA Swimming program a for a state-of-the-art competitive pool facility.

2.    Philosophy:  Develop great people who swim well through hard work and having fun. 

a.    Teach children to work hard, to work together, to cooperate, to be part of a team, to compete fairly, to respect others who do likewise, to learn positive lessons about delayed gratification.


c.    Practice and Attendance Policies

                                          i.    Practice Group Changes

1.    In case we have placed some swimmer in the wrong group, we may ask for them to switch groups (up or down) through the end of October.  Please be open to these changes.

2.    Practices the first few weeks may be a little crazy because there are water polo games going on during practice and because practice attendance is high.

                                        ii.    Goal Packets

1.    We encourage all swimmers to set goals.  Each group will have goal setting meetings appropriate for each level.  Coaches will go over how they are going to implement goal setting in the individual group parent meetings. 

                                       iii.    Practice Attendance

1.    The more your swimmer comes the better they will become.

2.    Please bring your swimmer on time and pick them up after practice.  If they are going to be late, please give them a note or drop us an e-mail to let us know the reason.  Late swimmers disrupt the whole practice group.

a.    All swimmers need to check in with their Community Center pass. 

3.    Swimmers are expected to use the restroom before and after practice.  If a swimmer needs to go during practice, they should ask the coach.

4.    PARENTS:  Please stay off the pool deck during practice. 

5.    We will have two coaches on deck for all groups.  This may not be the case for every practice.  Also, your swimmer’s coach may not be at every swim meet or every session.  Another Manta Ray coach will coach your swimmer if this happens.

                                       iv.    Building strokes for long term

1.    During the first four weeks of practice we are going to review/introduce a stroke a week—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and then butterfly.

2.    Everyone needs fins by Sept 30.  Each coach for each practice group will go over everything they need

                                        v.    Proper Dress To and From Practice

1.    Cold Weather: Dress Appropriately

a.    For example:  If the weather is under 40 degrees, everyone should be changing out of their suits and wearing a coat & warm hat.

                                       vi.    Weather, Pool Problems, Last minute changes

a.    If the Mason Community Center is closed, we will not have practice. Call the weather hotline 229-8502 opt 5. Check

                                      vii.    Locker Room Etiquette      

1.    Remind swimmers to behave in locker room. If you witness poor behavior, please let the coaches or the front desk know.


d.    Communication

                                          i.    If you are not getting any team emails from the team, please email Coach Todd as soon as possible [email protected].  We will make sure your address is updated in the system so you can log on the web site. 

                                        ii.    Please feel free to contact any of the coaches via e-mail. Their e-mail addresses are on the web site.

                                       iii.    Practice Group Parents Meetings-—Times and dates are posted in the September Calendar & online.  (Or coaches will email out the times)

                                       iv.    Please do not talk to the coach while he/she is coaching.

                                        v.    Family Files, Emails, Web Site


Please visit:  Soon, if not already, you will be sent a system generated email with your login credentials to your own private account and email. This email will grant you access to your own secure account. Please login and update all of your contact information. Please contact Todd Billhimer [email protected]with any difficulties you may have logging in to your account or questions.


e.    Team Suit and Manta Ray Spirit Sale on September 19 (Thursday).

                                          i.    Can order spirit wear and personalized caps by using form online.



f.     Website Help:  We have a few tutorials on our website covering some of the important tasks.  Some of these task include meet entry, update contact info, track volunteer hours, billing, and changing t-shirt sizes.  If you have any questions about the website, please don’t hesitate to ask Ken or Todd.


g.    Meets

Meets may be added or dropped during the season

                                          i.    Meet Expectations/Explanation

1.    Most of our meets the entire team will be able to attend; however, there will be some meets that will cater towards certain ages/abilities. Meet details can be found under each individual meet the web site.

a.    Some meets have time standards to enter.

2.    Sign-up Process

a.    Online only:  Click “Edit Commitment” and follow the directions. 

b.    If you have to cancel out of a meet after the scratch/add deadline, please let us know via e-mail or phone.  Meet fees cannot be refunded at this time because fees are prepaid to the meet host.


                                        ii.    Meet Attire

1.    Manta Ray Suit and Manta Ray Swim Cap

a.    Fast Suits should only be worn, if at all, at the MAKOS meet, Mid-Winter Clipper Meet, and Championships.  Please talk with your swimmer’s coach about whether a fast suit would be beneficial.  The Manta Ray team suit and swim cap should be worn at meets.

2.    Three Manta Ray t-shirts are included with registration fees.  We will wear a certain shirt on each of the three days of the meets.

a.    Shirts should be in by October 11 and will be handed out at practice.

                                       iii.    Encourage your swimmer to come talk with the coaches after each race and BEFORE he or she talks with you.

1.    Parents need to parent, coaches need to coach.


h.    Incentive Awards (see online for details)

                                          i.    Ironman, A-Team, Attendance Pizza Party


i.      Team Activities

                                          i.    Social Activities will be planned about once a month.  Past outings have included Bowling, Pump it Up, Pizza Parties, Psych Dinners, Reds Games, Laser Tag, and more will be announced throughout the season on the website and through e-mail.  Please contact Ken Heis at [email protected]if you are interested in helping with social activities.


j.      Volunteering

Volunteer Options  

Officials:  If you are interested in becoming an official, please contact Rich Decker at [email protected].

Volunteer Sign-up: Online only

            DATABOARD (Runs the Scoreboard and touch pads)

Training and sign-up will be emailed out soon.  

 COMPUTER TABLE (Compiles the data for results)


     I .Billing

                                          i.    Questions or concerns please contact coach Todd Billhimer [email protected]


k.    Questions?