Parents, Don't just sit there, PLEASE HELP!!!

 I'd like to thank the Hernandez, Matsumiya, and Dygean Family for helping set up the pool and clean up the pool, while we have been at Pen and PV.  A round of applause for their help.  This enables us, coaches, to get coaching right away and not waste time.

BUT, we still need their help and YOURS!!!  WE need all parents to help us.  Mom and Dad, don't stand or sit there.  We need your help.  Lane lines, flags, clocks, and covers.  If WE ALL chip in, it gets done quick.  This lets me coach and not waste time, this also helps us get your kids out quicker, so you are not waiting for them to do this all night long.  You don't have to be strong for it and everybody can help.  All items are pretty reasonable to do.  Even our 7 yr olds have helped.

We need your help!!!!  Come down, and help us.  Your kids love it, when they see their parents involved.

See you on DECK!!!!

Coach Josue