Building Your Race

No matter what the distance, every race should be a build.  And yes, that includes the 50.  However, few realize that not only should the total race be a build but each length should be a build.  When you push off the wall the first couple strokes are critical, they set you up and should be done slightly slower than the strokes that follow.  If you rush those first couple strokes, chances are you'll be slipping and giving up the speed the wall has so generously donated at a faster rate than if you take the time to optimize your breakout.  This means initiating your pulls with the correct arm (eg right arm if you're on your right side and left arm if you're on your left side) and "feeling" your way through the pull as opposed to racing through it.  This still applies to the 50, it's just that great sprinters make their first 10 yards indiscernible from their last 10, because they have the ability to build from 99% to 100%.