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Nova Back to School Meet Recap


The Novaquatics Back to School Meet was held last weekend, September 21st-22nd. This meet is always interesting with unique events and many different goals from new and continuing Nova swimmers. While some swimmers attend hoping to drop time after not having swum short course yards in about 6 months, others hope to start the new season not too far off their season best after the August hiatus. One of the awesome aspects of this meet is that new swimmers and families get to experience their very first Nova meet. 


The Back to School Meet is always marked by fun events such as 25's of all 4 strokes offered to 9-12 year olds, 50's of all strokes offered for 7-14 year olds, kick board races for 7 and olders, and broken 200 IM's for 11 & Overs. This year a very unique and spectator friendly race was introduced, the Elimination 500 Freestyle. Ten swimmers entered the water in a heat of the 500. After the first 100, swimmers would be eliminated one by one if they were the last swimmer into the wall until there were 2 swimmers battling it out on the last 50. The last swimmer standing received an iTunes gift card. Heat winners were Courtney Mykkanen, Kate Lee, Josh Graves, and Cameron Hsieh. 


We also had an outstanding turn out from our volunteers. Thanks for all the great help at the meet, you are always appreciated!


Many swimmers dropped time in at least one event, but there were several swimmers who actually dropped 10 or more seconds in at least one event. They were:

Evan Abdollahi

Mason Chavez

Andrew Choi

Kyle Cross

Ellie Davis

Kenneth Duong

Keona Fernandes

Claire Fu

Grant Hitchens

Ethan Ho

Felicity Holdsworth

Kevin Hong

Brynna Hsia

Rebecca Jacobs

Kasey Karkoska

Nathaniel Ko

Grant Kramer

Alexandra Law

William Le

Katie Lightle

Natalie Luu

Emily Miyamoto

Zaina Nasr

Caedon Ng

Austin Nguyen

Ethan Ongkeko

Brendan Pham

Brian Pham

Katherine Pham

Mitchell Schott

Ryan Shattuck

Sophia Riley Sim

Colman Sun

Ethan Teano

Alexia Thornberry

Ashley Tuley

Isabella Wall

Deven Wilson

Makenna Wilson

Calista Wong

Danica Wong

Henry Wu

Owen Zhu


Congratulations and Welcome to the following swimmers who competed in their first Nova Meet:

Salah Abdallah

Youssef Afifi

Daniel Bae

Shijoon Bae

Kevin Bae

Natalie Bautista

Conner Budka

Max Cervera

Grace Dawson

Sarah Dawson

Raef Dulay

Holden Egdorff

Summer French

Yagiz Guner

Gavin Hardison

Jasmin Hashemi

Kenta Hayakawa

Katelyn Ho

Nicholas Huynh

Abigail Isaly

Niki Jalali

Josephine Kang

Gasia Karakesis

Mira Kincaid

Nathaniel Kirk

Rylie Klenke

Matthew Ko

Arista Kusuma

Andrea Laliena

Seo Yeon Lee

Maya LePedroza

Nyah Lin

Santiago Ludwig

Sebastian Ludwig

Lucas Morgan

Justin Ng

Kevin Obrien

Emily Ollendorff

Lindsey Palmquist

Ashley Pham

Hayley Pham

Michaela Phan

Amber Reid

Bryce Shirata

Grant Shirata

Dylan Spencer

Brandon Sumino

Ethan Tauber

Katerina Tolkachev

Andrew Vu

Megan Vu

Elijah Wen

Crystal Wu


When asked what the coaches felt was the highlight of the meet for their swimmers, they had the following to say:


Coach Alex Nieto (Northwood, Senior Silver):


So this weekend, I had a Back to School Meet Challenge...


I scored each event according to how they swum and ranked within the group and then totaled the points each day for winners.  The winners get their choice of slurpees or a small ice cream cone on our next running day.  The Saturday winners were Kate Mayeda and Jailey Reeves (tied) for the girls and Jonathan Peng for the boys who won by 1 point over veterans Kevin Chao and Cameron Hsieh.  On Sunday, Jailey Reeves took a commanding lead early on to win the day and Tyler Keith snuck by Kyle Kao for the title on Sunday.  


Coach Wendy Theders (Soka, Age Group Bronze and Developmental):


The 8 and unders swam like sharks this past weekend

At the back to school meet!  John Dix earned 2 more 

(9-10) Winter Invites in the 50 and 100 Breaststroke.  

Cole Sumino earned 2 more (9-10) Blue times in the

50 free and 50 Back.  Ellie Davis achieved 2 more (9-10)

Blue times in the 50 and 100 Breaststroke.


Coach Asami Uzawa (Woollett, Age Group and Senior Bronze):


Congrats to the following athletes moving from Bronze to Silver!:

- Connor Budka

- Rohan Chava

- Benjamin Du

- Amber French

- Garrick Ho

- Yoojun Kim

- Kevin Lee

- Renee Li


Coach Leslie Tomlinson (Northwood, NovaIntro):


It's alway awesome to see new swimmers join the team and experience their very first Nova Meet. Some of the NovaIntro swimmers are continuing Nova swimmers, but most are brand new to the team. Swimmers in NovaIntro have been working on body position and technique for all 4 strokes for this meet, and will continue the season working on the details of racing (turns, starts, under waters, and finishes) for the October meet. The following swimmers did a great job of representing the NovaIntro group:

Salah Abdallah

Luke Balding

Natalie Bautista

Raef Dulay

Holden Egdorff

Gasia Karakesis

Mira Kincaid

Rylie Klenke

Victoria Leguizamo

Emily Ollendorff

Ethan Ongkeko

Lindsey Palmquist

Bryce Shirata

Grant Shirata

Andrew Teh

Katerina Tolkachev

Ashley Tuley

Andrew Vu

Megan Vu

Mikayla Yang



Go Nova!!!

-Nova Coaching Staff


***If you noticed a mistake, please send an email to Coach Leslie at [email protected] so that we may make the correction.