Welcome to the Olympic Way program!

Hello families & welcome swimmers!

I am pleased to welcome back all of the returning families and welcome our new swimmers to our Olympic Way program at the Hollyburn Hurricanes Swim Team! My name is Alexandra Davis (you can call me Al) and this is my third year as a swim coach here at Hollyburn, though I've been coaching swimming for 15 + years. We are well under way to our best season ever, and I'd like to include you all in what I am are doing to develop your swimmers. 

Nose Bubbles: it's very important for young swimmers to establish effective breathing habits, especially when air is not always readily available. Exhaling though the nose while their face is submerged will keep water out of their noses, as well as help exchange the CO2 created from exertion. We've been humming underwater & have started talking under water to get evenyone comfortable with water in their mouths and not swallowing or breathing it in.

Head position: I've been using a kickboard, but will be gradually phasing it out - in order to achieve good body position, I've been getting the swimmers to have their noses pointing down at the bottom of the pool (neutral head position) while holding onto a kickboard. The head position is instrumental in keeping the hips high in the water and helps with body rotation once they start using their arms. We've been using flippers a lot during these 2 weeks to help the swimmers support correct head & body position, as well as to gently build leg strength.

Streamline Position: a streamline body is a faster moving body when itcomes to swim club! To this end, I've been using the Pencil Jump to help create body awareness & feel for the water. I've been talking to the swimmers about tight tummies, butts and legs, as well proper arm position for the most effective way to get to the bottom of the pool and back up again. Some of the swimmers are able to do this in less than 4 seconds! I'm then getting them to transfer this to a push off the wall with the idea of going as far as possible down the pool.

Along with all the kicking we've been doing, I feel the start to our season has been a very stong & exciting one! 

Swim Meet: We are having our first development Swim Meet on Oct. 27th here at the club. We usually have 3 or 4 other clubs attend, and it is a great learning experience as well as a chance for your swimmers to get their official times for their events. Storm & Monsoon swimmers will be doing 25m races, while Tornados will be doing 25s & 50s. All Monsoon & Tornado swimmers should try to attend; I will try to have all Storm swimmers ready for 2 races by that time, though some swimmers may need more time to develop - we want this to be a positive experience for everyone! You can register on line & I will be sending a notice home closer to the date.

Bathing Caps: Though these are a part of our uniform, please ensure your swimmers' hair is well secured away from their faces in lieu of wearing one.

Attendance: If you are new to the Hurricanes, once your child feels comfortable with our routines and expectations, please consider an additional day. We work on establishing good habits & exercises which create muscle memory and endurance. The more times per week this is re-enforced, the better the results will be.

Junior Coaches: We encourage our more experienced senior swimmers to come and help out with our Olympic Way Program. Currently we have Jo twice a week, Carley and hopefully April once a week. I will keep you posted on the new faces as they appear!

Thank you for choosing to enroll your athletes in our program. This is the best program with the best staff I have ever had the pleasure to work with! Please contact me personally or Carrie Matheson, Head coach for our Development Programs,  for any questions you may have.

Al : )