LSC Meeting News

 The meeting went without a hitch. Thank you Dave Thomas from USA swimming for updating the group about the newest things coming out of USA swimming, deck pass, club portals, club excellence and the new registration fee's that where adopted at Convention. Robby Dellinger explained the new blended learning for Coaches safety, so there should be no more confusion. Dave Smith with the official's committee demonstrated the new interpretation of the breaststroke/butterfly rule and backstroke finish. The technical planning committee approved the championship date/place and the time standards for our Championships. The meet schedule for the Long Course Season was also approved at the delegates meeting. Thanks to Brian Haddad for doing the All-Star caps and certificates that were handed out at the meeting. Thanks to Phil Kraus for arranging the weekend and the social Saturday night (great conversations amongst the coaches good exchange of information). 

If your club was not represented, please make arrangements to have your club delegate/coach attend these meetings. They are important for the LSC and more important for you club. There is a lot of information exchanged, in meetings and by communicating with other clubs/coaches.