CLUB NEWS, October 9, 2013


“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.”

– Bo Jackson


Check your Entries: Now that you have entered for our home swim meet, go to the Event page and check out the entry file attachment.  It will list all of the swimmers entered in the meet, and the events that they are entered into.  Please ensure that everything looks correct to you (ie: you are entered on the correct days, and you don’t have a time of 20 seconds for your 200 fly!) and advise Coach Tina if anything needs to be corrected.  Right now, the entries are draft, but will soon be submitted to the Meet Manager!

Order Parent Shirts: This is a VERY tight timeline, as we’d like to have these shirts available for our home meet so that parents can show their KISU pride! ORDERS ARE DUE BY THURSDAY MIDNIGHT!  Order by going to the Parent Shirt event on the home page.

Come to the Time Trial: Our Turkey Time Trial is happening Saturday morning – so even if your swimmer isn’t swimming, please plan to come and help out, and learn the ropes of running a meet.  By the time next weekend and our home meet rolls around . . . you’ll be glad you did!

Sign Up for a Job for the Iron Pentathlon (and Jamboree) Weekend: There are LOTS of things that need to be done in order for our club to host a successful meet.  Swim Meets are a major source of revenue for our club, and we need everyone’s help – plus, your meet fees are discounted when you do!  There are five sessions in total, including the jamboree.  So there is definitely a time to volunteer when your swimmer is not in the water in case you’d rather not be helping out while they are swimming.  If you can't help out, maybe there's a friend, neighbor, aunt/uncle, or even a Masters swimmer who can take your place! The spots are starting to fill up, so please sign up now so that you can get the time spot and job that works best for you.  Just to give you and idea of how many people it takes to run a meet . . . we have 100 individual spots requiring timers over the course of the weekend!  We need you! (Please note, that while we appreciate swimmers helping out as well, they must be 12 years old in order to act as timers.)



At last week’s parent meetings for Age Group and Swim Academy, Coach Tina spoke about the possibility of an international spring break camp.  Although March seems quite a ways away, if we are going to proceed with the camp, we need to start planning . . . and that means we need to know who is interested in coming.  Please confirm with Jill ( if your swimmer would possibly come to such a camp so that we can get the process started.  No commitment needed yet, just interest. 



A little 411 about swim meets . . .

Look like a KISU Swimmer– All KISU swimmers will receive a t-shirt at the swim meet – wear it at the meet (put your name on it).  We should look like a team.  If you are wearing a cap for your race, it must be a KISU cap.  Contact our Equipment managers, Karen Kellett 250 492-0115 and Susan Koster 250 770-1938 or , if you need any KISU supplies.  Be part of the TEAM!!

What to do when you first arrive– Plan to arrive 15 minutes before warm-ups. Swimmers - find your coach, get your t-shirt, swim warm up, settle in.  Parents – if you are volunteering at this session, check in at the volunteer table in the meeting room beside the KISU office.  If you are here to watch the races this session, buy a Heat Sheet from the Hospitality table in the foyer.  It will let you know what Heat and Lane your swimmer is in.  You may want to bring a highlighter to mark the races, as well as a permanent marker for your swimmer -  many swimmers like to have this information written on their arm.

Talk to your coach after every race– swimmers should talk to their coach after every race. This will give the coaches a chance to congratulate the swimmer and give feedback.

Team Cheers- The KISU Swim Club is known for our enthusiastic cheers.  Cheers will happen right after warm ups, before the meet starts.  All swimmers should be there; parents are welcome. 

Winning isn’t everything,but, following the KISU tradition . . . you do get to throw the coach in, but ONLY if we WIN the meet.

Parents– please note that you will be responsible for your child at the swim meet.



Pierre’s Top 10 Tips while preparing for a Meet

Pierre Lafontaine is the former CEO of Swimming Canada.

1. Get extra rest (sleep).
2. Have all of your equipment ready (team caps, racing suit, and extra goggles).
3. Have your team cheering voice ready (loud!).
4. Get excited about racing and don’t worry about the outcome. “You prepare like a champion, you will race like one!”
5. Get other team members excited with you.
6. Think positive things. You can only worry about things that you are in control of.
7. Have extra warm clothes for the pool deck. (Socks, extra towel…).
8. Get to the pool early to stretch and get in the “zone.”
9. Inform your teachers and have your homework with you.
10. Have a water bottle with you and stay hydrated. Avoid fatty foods.

Most of all, Smile!