Equipment Ordering Process

 Hello Everyone,

I have outlined how the equipment ordering process that we will be running here on in:

Suits, Shirts and Track Jackets

A size kit will be brought in at the beginning of each session: September, January, March

At that point if swimmers need to be sized for a new suit; the size kit will be available on published days

We will send an order to our supplier, if they have the sizes in we will be able to get the suits in within a week.

Quite often though suits are on back order, if this is the case we have to wait for our suppliers to have received more suits. At that point it is out of our hands.

*If a piece of equipment is on back order families will not be billed until the team receives the equipment

Once we have received an order of suits an email will go out with a list of whose suits have arrived and whose suits are on back order. In this same email there will be specific times that you can come to the pool and pick up the suits.

After that point suits can be picked up at the front desk.

*If you do need a suit in between the start of each session please email [email protected] with the order

**In all cases when it comes to these items the coaches will not have access to the products and cannot take orders. All items must be picked up at the scheduled times or the front desk and all orders must be sent by email


Caps will be available at the pool for swimmers, which their coaches can give them. If a swimmer receives a new cap the family's account will be billed.

We encourage all swimmers who wear a cap to have a spare with them at practices and especially at meets.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at [email protected] and I will answer your email within 36 hours.


Jeff Grace