Nashville Meet Results are in!

RAYS headed North into Voluteer territory for our annual trip to Nashville.

The meet was big this year...around 1000 swimmers...but, not too big to be brought down to size by 48 Stingray swimmers, 4 coaches, 3 chaperones and 1 trip manager.

Thank you to Craig Justus for planning this trip and doing the legwork to ensure the kids were well-fed, well-slept and well-traveled. Thank you, also, to Angie Franklin, Christy McHugh and Nancy Sorensen for chaperoning the swimmers and some of the coaches. ; )


Congratulations to our swimmers on a number of counts: You swam very well and even raced hard in this early part of the season. Make no (versus just swimming hard) is as much a habit at a meet as is any other technique you work on. It is one thing to pactice your dolphins off the walls at a meet, which is a technique you are working on in practice to make you go faster. So is the mentality of racing to get to the finish before anyone else. That is also a technique, albeit a mental one, that needs to be practicd, too. (By the is that mental attitude that makes each race the fun game it is!)

You also behaved yourselves in a manner that reflected very well on Stingrays and your families. (Unless the chaperones wish to unveil any hidden stories of mischief that have not yet seen the light....) This matters a lot as we set up trips for the future and ask hotels to host the Stingrays.




Now, get back to your practices enthused about our upcoming events: Spooktakula, IMX, Swim-A-Thon! (Do you know your country? You'd better! Team wide competition has begun and Oossassasa looks to be the best!) hehe


Here is the link to the LIVE RESULTS of the Nashville meet.