Gator Meet (Results - 4th Place Team Finish)

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Hello Loggerhead!


The Gator Meet is quickly approaching and we have a lot of information to pass your way regarding the meet.  I know it’s long, but please read the whole way.  At the VERY end, we have a listing of all individual entries as some of the kids seem to not know which events they are entered in.  Also, attached to this email is a copy of the psych sheet.
Also, remember that in prelims the event numbers will be jumping around a bit as the event numbers are set up with all ages simultaneously.  So, if in the morning they will be skipping over the 10&U and 11-12 event numbers, and in the afternoon they will be skipping over the 13-14, 15-16, and Open event numbers.  Swimmers and parents will need to stay on top of what event is swimming in the water!



University of Florida
Stephen C. O'Connell Center Pool



Friday the University is in session, so parking WILL take more time, especially for those arriving for the afternoon session.  Please calculate the extra time when considering the start of warm ups.

All parking (that will not result in a ticket or towing!) is in the north lot with the parking garage.  Spectator entrance is on the other side of the O’Dome at Gate 2.

All original parking document can be found on our website under the Gator Meet event. 
Also on the website, please take a look at the tent diagram if you plan on using an outdoor tent at this meet.



As usual, the O’Dome spectator seating is first come first serve.  We would like our team to try and sit together, so usually to the middle of the seating right around the bulkheads.  Gator typically reserves the lowest five rows for athlete seating.

Remember, spectators are not allowed on the pool deck (and this includes the warm up warm down area outside) per meet policy.


Split Course

The meet will have two 8 lane courses labeled “Shallow” and “Deep” depending on the end of the pool.  The genders swimming in each pool will alternate by the day.  All final sessions will compete in the “Deep” pool.


Warm Up and Warm Down – Loggerhead Assigned Times

If we know of any changes to warm ups we will update our team twitter page @JCLALoggerhead which will also appear on our team homepage.

Friday AM Session (13-14, 15-16, Open) - 6:20am OUTDOOR POOL
Friday PM Session (10&U, 11-12) - 11:30am OUTDOOR POOL
Friday FINALS (11-12, 13-14, 15-16, Open) - 5:00pm* Check with your coach

Saturday AM Session (13-14, 15-16, Open) - 7:05am OUTDOOR POOL
Saturday PM Session (10&U, 11-12) - 12:05pm OUTDOOR POOL
Saturday FINALS (11-12, 13-14, 15-16, Open) - 5:00pm* Check with your coach

Sunday AM Session (13-14, 15-15, Open) - 6:20am OUTDOOR POOL
Sunday PM Session (10&U, 11-12) - 11:45am OUTDOOR POOL
Sunday FINALS (11-12, 13-14, 15-16, Open) - 4:00pm* Check with your coach


Warm Up and Warm Down Pool

This is the outdoor long course pool located directly outside of the competition pool.  Swimmers will do all their warm up and warm down in this location.  Loggerhead is actually assigned this pool for all morning and afternoon organized warm ups as well.  Swimmers DO NOT enter the hot tub.


Attire and Dress

Make sure you dress warm, even if the meet is indoors.  Coaches expect to see shoes on the feet of the swimmers.  Parents, please help with this as you can monitor this a lot more than the coaches.  Heat loss directly relates to performance, so being warm is the goal.

As usual, Loggerhead caps are required if your swimmer elects to wear a swim cap.

Tshirts by the day:

Friday – White
Saturday – Navy

Sunday – Green


Tech Suits
Swimmers should check with their group coach to determine if they are to wear a suit in prelims or wait for finals.  Make sure to pack your suit for the meet.

Swimmers SHOULD NOT wear their tech suit at warm ups.  These suits have a very limited life span and we will give swimmers enough time to change after warm ups (usually prior to starts).  10&U swimmers may wear their suit to warm up in if parents think their swimmer is not a fast enough changer (is that a proper term?).


Prelims and Finals

The preliminary sessions are the morning and afternoon session.  The evening session is the finals session.  The Top 8 11-12s from the morning come back to evening finals (exceptions to the 200s of strokes, 400IM, 500FR which are timed finals).  The Top 16 for 13-14, 15-16, and Open come back for evening finals (exceptions to the 1650 which is a timed final).

All 10&U events are timed finals and they will not compete in the evening finals.

We encourage ALL OF OUR SWIMMERS (10&U included) that are spending the night in Gainesville to come watch and cheer on at least one of the evening finals sessions.  The experience gained at a finals session is great and they also get to watch a lot of fast swimming!



The fastest heat of relays for 11-12, 13-14, and Open will swim in evening finals. 

All 10&U relays are still in the afternoon session.  10&U and Open Relays will be announced at warm ups as normal (since all relays are in the same session). 

Relays below are subject to change.


So for Loggerhead…


11-12 Girls 200Medley Relay ‘A’ – at Finals
Amelia T., Tatiana B., Summer S., Anna G.

11-12 Boys 200Medley Relay ‘A’ – at Finals
Nick V., Ethan H., Isaiah T., Mike M.
13-14 Girls 200Medley Relay ‘A’ – at Finals

Abbey E., Jennifer B., Lauren T., Eleanor P.

13-14 Girls 200Medley Relay ‘B’ – at Prelims (afternoon)

McKenzie F., Megan A., Aubrey M., Lexi S.

13-14 Boys 200Medley Relay ‘A’ – at Finals

Carter S., Adrian O., John R., Ryan K.

Open Girls 400Medley Relay ‘A’ – at Prelims (afternoon)
Open Boys 400Medley Relay ‘A’ – at Prelims (afternoon)

Open Boys 400Medley Relay ‘B’ – at Prelims (afternoon)



11-12 Girls 200Free Relay ‘A’ – at Finals

Tatiana B., Summer S., Amelia T., Anna G.
11-12 Boys 200Free Relay ‘A’ – at Finals

Mike M., Jack V., Nick V., Ethan H.

13-14 Girls 200Free Relay ‘A’ – at Finals

Jennifer B., Abbey E., Lexi S., Eleanor P.

13-14 Girls 200Free Relay ‘B’ – at Prelims (afternoon)

Hadley B., Megan A., McKenzie F., Aubrey M.

13-14 Boys 200Free Relay ‘A’ – at Finals

Ryan K., Adrian O., John R., Carter S.

Open Girls 400Free Relay ‘A’ – at Prelims (afternoon)

Open Boys 400Free Relay ‘A’ – at Prelims (afternoon)
Open Boys 400Free Relay ‘B’ – at Prelims (afternoon)


13&Older 500 Free, 400IM, and 1650 Free

These events are positive check in and with a limited number of guaranteed swims.  Coaches have spoken with their swimmers entered in these events and we must stress there is a chance that you WILL NOT swim that event if the meet host declares that the rest of the entries will not fit the timeline.  We will know more after positive check in concludes on the day of the event.  Please know that the meet host will swim as many heats as possible.
For the 500 Free the top 80 girls 13 and older are guaranteed to swim.  Also the top 80 boys 13 and older.

For the 400IM the top 80 girls 13 and older and the to 80 boys 13 and older are guaranteed.

For the 1650 each gender is guaranteed 32 swimmers.

If you want to know where you rank, you can add the number of swimmers ahead of your time from the psych sheet.

11 and 12 year old 500s and 400IMs are in a separate session and ARE NOT AFFECTED BY THIS.




-The Loggerhead Coaching Staff


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