50th Anniversary Campaign

I wanted to update you on the fundraising campaign, as well as review billing, as invoices and billing will happen on the 1st of November, next week.

50th Anniversary Campaign
There is an online pledge form that can be used if you'd like to pledge in 2014 ( link to online form).  As a reminder, dynamo is a 501(c)(3) corporation, which means your entire donation is  tax  deductible.  As another incentive to help us reach our $400,000 goal by the end of this November, all donations over $500 will give you the choice of an exclusive commemorative 50th Anniversary football style jersey or the 50 Years of Dynamo photo book.  I have copied below something I sent to the members of the Swim Club last week, as many are unfamiliar with our history.

Dynamo Masters Billing
Billing will happen on the 1st of November.   Please check your account to make sure it is set up for auto pay.  If you have a discrepancey with your account or status, please contact Jason (jason@dynamoswimclub.com).  We need 100% of the masters registered and administrating the account from this website.



Note about Dynamo and it's History:

During the Pentathlon, I enjoyed meeting many of the families around the pictures of our Dynamo project.   Once we talk about the need for the expansion and renovation and what that will bring to us, everyone seems to agree it makes sense.   It also struck me that not all our current families really know the Dynamo story.  Having that framework will help with understanding the need for this project.

Dynamo is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and as you know will celebrate its 50th anniversary in the fall of 2014.  In the late 1970’s, after 15+ years of renting and covering pools, the Dynamo parents built the Dynamo Chamblee Swim Center. There was nothing like it in the area.  There was no Georgia Tech pool, UGA’s new pool wasn’t built yet, and Emory had a small facility.  Teams came from all around to compete at the Dynamo facility, and we became known for meet hosting.  We were it.  

To make building the facility feasible, we entered into an agreement with Dekalb County, which gifted the current land footprint to the City of Chamblee with express terms to rent to Dynamo at $1.00 per year for 40 years (original lease was to expire in 2020).  That lease was extended last summer with the same terms for 35 years, so the land is ours through 2055 at the least. The lease renewal allowed us to complete some of the first phase of upgrades during the summer, like bathrooms, roof etc. The City of Chamblee has been a good partner to Dynamo.

Dynamo continued to grow through the 1980’s and early 1990’s.  Populations began moving into north Fulton County, so Dynamo took advantage of that growth and completed Dynamo Alpharetta in 1996.  We purchased the footprint of the lower pools, and were considered the anchor of the retail complex.  In 2008 we leased and opened the newer upper pool, because the adjacent retail space became available.  Given the timing, we had to borrow the money to put the pool in the upper space, as there was no time to coordinate a capital campaign of any sort.  We would have loved to put a long course pool in the Alpharetta space, but due to the cost of land it would not have been cost effective.  We pay market rates for rent at the Alpharetta location. Being able to put a 25 meter course was very valuable to us, as training in 25 meter is great in relation to both short course yards (25 yards) and long course meters (50 meters).   We were able to put one swimmer (who specializes in the mile and distance swimming) in the Olympics in 2012 out of that 25 meter pool!

Over time, the other venues I mentioned above improved and more have sprung up:  UGA, Georgia Tech, Cumming, Emory, and a new one in Cherokee opened this year.  All of these facilities were built with public money.  These newer facilities attract not only the state, regional, and national meets, but also attract teams to meets hosted by local teams.  As our Team has grown and progressed, particularly over the past 7 years, we continue to struggle to develop a signature meet at Dynamo and to attract the best of the best to race us at Dynamo.   

This project will allow us to attract local teams and visiting teams to our meets and to host state and sectional meets.  The ability to host competitive meets again will be a real service to our members as we will not travel to meets nearly as much.  Our facility would be capable of hosting sectional level meets, and we would expect each family to benefit by traveling at least 2 fewer times each year.  Reducing travel will be a significant savings to our members, and additional allow Dynamo to continue to distance itself from our competitors.  

Thirty-three years ago, Dynamo had approximately 200 members on the Team.  Today we have almost 800 members on the Team, with over half of these practicing at Chamblee on a daily basis.  With 4x as many families, if all participate we can do something special with Dynamo.

Expanding will provide separate locker rooms for the Team, provide a space for Multi-Sport, provide double the seating capacity for meets as well as separate the spectators from the competitors, provide a new entrance with a study and waiting zone, provide a running path around the perimeter, provide a new driveway at the rear of the property to ease congestion, and enclose the long course pool while providing bleacher seating all around the pool.

Dynamo has established itself as  one of the best, if not the best, 18 and under swim programs in the country.  Our reputation for producing competitive swimmers precedes us.  Other teams look to us as a model for growth and development.  Our physical meet hosting location needs to match our program reputation.  The physical plant and the program go hand in hand. 

The only way to achieve continued growth, to reduce the cost of travel for our families, to host competitive Dynamo meets, and to host state and sectional meets is to complete this project.  To complete this project Dynamo needs your financial support through your tax deductible donations to Dynathon and to the Capital Campaign.  If every Dynamo family gives to Dynathon, we will be on our way to achieving our goal of raising $400,000 by the end of November.  

This $400,000 is a number given to us by the local foundations as the amount they need for Dynamo to raise to show that the membership is vested in the Team and the project.  This amount is 20% of the total cost of the project.  With that money raised, we can receive grant funding from local foundations for the project.  As a Team we can create a Dynamo that will continue growing for the next 50 years.

Dynamo is your Team so please play a role in Continuing the Race by giving to Dynathon in this effort.  

Thank you for your support,