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No Practice - Tuesday (October 29)

Good morning Jets,

    Unfortunately, the Liverpool High School Pool is still off-line.  Tonight's practices and Halloween Family Fun Night are cancelled.  The Family Fun Night will be rescheduled for next Wednesday - November 6th. 

    A repair for the drain cover is set for tomorrow(Wednesday) morning.  While we are certainly hopefully that the situation is fixed, please be aware that we will not know for certain until 2pm.  As such, please adjust your practice schedules to the following:

Tuesday (Oct 29) - No Practices - go for a run!

Wednesday (Oct 30) - SR/JR 7:15-8:45pm (Changed), AG 7:15-8:45pm (Same).  But please watch for a possible update at around 2:15pm on Wednesday.

  We'll update further as progress is made.  Thank you for your patience.

Coach Zac