TAQ Middle School Champions

Congratulations on a great season to all the Tiger swimmers who participated in the 2013 Middle School Capital City Swim League for their respective schools.   The championship meet was held Sat. Oct 26 with individual events for 5th& 6thgraders scored separately from the 7th& 8thgraders.  

Tristin Partin (100IM & 100FR) and Abigail Cazes (50FR & 50FL) won both their individual events. .  Johannah Cangelosi (50BK) ,Jenna Vanhoogstraten (50FL), Mason Nyboyer (100FR)  were single event winners.  


Tigers swimmers showed our club strength in the meet by posting these Top 8 finishes: 

100 IM  Girls

4thPlace           Emily Peak                     1:16.52  (7-8th)

5thPlace:          Lexi Autrey                    1:17.01  (7-8th)

3rd Place        Jenna Vanhoogstraten 1:18.32 (5-6th)


100 IM Boys

1stPlace          Tristin Partin             1:04.00 (7-8th)

3rdPlace          Mason Nyboer           1:13.09 (5-6th)

3rdPlace          Thomas Baxter          1:13.21 (7-8th)

7thPlace           Jack Penniman            1:20.54 (7-8th)


50 Free Girls

1stPlace          Abigail Cazes             26.39  (7-8th)

3rdPlace          SavannahKnox         28.29 (7-8th)

4thPlace           Annie Smith                29.25  (7-8th)

2ndPlace         Amanda Andrews     31.26 (5-6th)


100 Free Girls

2ndPlace         Johannah Cangelosi  59.21 (7-8th)

6thPlace          SavannahKnox           1:04.43 (7-8th)

7thPlace           Annie Smith                1:05.80 (7-8th)

8thPlace           Lexi Autrey                 1:05.80 (7-8th)

3rdPlace          Madelyn Perry          1:09.00 (5-6th)

8thPlace           Karmen Lee                1:36.23 (5-6th)


100 Free Boys

1stPlace          Tristin Partin             55.61   (7-8th)

1stPlace          Mason Nyboer           1:01.17 (5-6th)

5thPlace           Cline Peak                   1:13.66 (5-6th)


50 Fly Girls

1stPlace          Abigail Cazes                  29.62 (7-8th)          

1stPlace          Jenna Vanhoogstraten   33.61 (5-6th)

2ndPlace         Amanda Andrews          34.45 (5-6th)

5thPlace           Madelyn Perry               37.79 (5-6th)

6thPlace           TempleTrapp                 37.72 (7-8th)


50 Fly Boys

3rdPlace          Thomas Baxter             32.24 (7-8th)

3rdPlace          Stewart Black              39.21 (5-6th)

6thPlace           Jack Penniman              37.01 (7-8th)


50 Back Girls

1stPlace          Johannah Cangelosi    31.45 (7-8th)

4thPlace           Kirby Black                    34.54 (7-8th)

5thPlace           Emily Peak                     35.02 (7-8th)


50 Back Boys

2ndPlace         Cline Peak                     36.40 (5-6th)

4thPlace           Mike Sills                       37.87 (7-8th)

4thPlace           Stewart Black                            40.17 (5-6th)


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