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October IMX Meet Recap

The October IMX Meet was a festive event with heat winners getting mini pumpkins to take home. Swimmers raced their hearts out to get pumpkins and their best possible IM Xtreme  or IM Ready score for the short course season. 


Swimmers in the morning session were vying for IM Ready scores. IM Ready is the first step in USA Swimming's IM Challenge program. IM Ready consists of 5 shorter IM races. Once IM Ready events are completed by a swimmer, the swimmer can long into his/her Deck Pass on to view how they rank against other swimmers on the Nova Swim Team.


Swimmers in the 2nd and 3rd sessions were competing in IM Xtreme (IMX) events. These are five or six events that are a little longer than the IM Ready events. Once these events are completed swimmers can long into Deck Pass and view their National, Zone, LSC, and Club ranking. Swimmers completing the IM Xtreme Challenge receive a certificate with their best ranking at the Nova Annual Awards Banquet. 


The IM Challenge Program promotes well rounded swimmers and challenges them to be proficient in all 4 competitive strokes. This is a program in which the Nova Coaches strongly believe. You can read more about the program at this link:


Owen Kao was recognized by as having one of twelve most notable swims of the weekend. You can read the article here:


We would like to Thank our Nova Volunteers for making the meet a success. Everyone from the awesome hospitality, pool monitors, parking lot monitors to the pumpkin donators, pumpkins givers,  and timers we simply cannot do this without you!


We would also like to Thank Canyons for coming down and adding a little friendly competition to the meet. Though it was not scored, it provided our swimmers with some great individual competition.


The following swimmers are ranked in the Top Ten Nationally for their age group for IM Xtreme after the meet:

Hunter Hitchens (1)

Erik Juliusson (8)

Jason Rodriguez (9)

Meagan Popp (3)

Tanner Pulice (6)

Bradley Spees (7)


Lastly, when asked to provide feedback, the Nova Coaches had the following to say:


Ken Lamont (Senior Gold II, Northwood):

Hunter Hitchens ranked #1 Nationally with his IMX score amongst 13 year old boys.


Adam Crossen (Senior Gold II, Soka):

Congrats to the following 3 swimmers from Soka Senior Gold II who scored over 4000 points in their IMX Rankings based on Age 

Erik Juliusson- 4212

Jason Rodriguqez- 4189

Owen Kao- 4112


Joanna Mykkanen (Development, Woollett):

The 8-under Development Swimmers from Woollett swam well at the NOVA IMX meet.  Coach Joanna, Coach Kylie, and Coach Anthony are proud of all the swimmers who participated and tried their best!


Congrats to our swimmers who competed in their 1st Meet with NOVA

Addison Boomsma

Maryn Boomsma

Will Chen

Jalen Hsia

Kyan Jocson

Skyler Jocson

Cody Le

Landon Le

Nathan Nguyen

Max Peng

Taisho Shiono

Sanjana Venkatesh

Sophia Wall

Evan Wang


The following swimmers successfully completed their first legal 100 IM:

Mateo Abourjeily

Brynna Hsia

Dean Ko

Tyler Law

Evan Wang

Jacob Wang


4 swimmers achieved their ‘Blue’ times to move to the Sharks Group:

Ethan Chen

Derek Hitchens

Kyan Jocson

Anagha Kondury


Swimmers with the biggest time drops (10 seconds or more):

Anagha Kondury              dropped 19.64 seconds in the 100 IM

Josue Olague                     dropped 10.92 seconds in the 100 IM

Alexandra Pearson          dropped 16.02 seconds in the 100 IM

Darren Phan                       dropped 10.41 seconds in the 100 IM

Larry Shi                               dropped 21.51 seconds in the 50 free

Ryan Xu                              dropped 11.57 seconds in the 100 IM

Samantha Yacker             dropped 18.88 seconds in the 100 IM


Wendy Theders (Developmental, Soka):

This meet was all about the pumpkin!  Race after race,

The 8 and unders dropped time in hopes of dominating

their heat and win a pumpkin.  Luke Brehm (6) earned 

blue times in the 25 and 50 free.  He also achieved his

first 9-10 Red time in the 100 IM.  Massimo Fezzi achieved

2 new Blue times in 25 Free and 25 breast and earned his

first 9-10 Red time in 100 IM.  Linh Tran achieved a Blue

Time in the 25 back and Alexia Kurone-Gharibiam 

earned a blue time in the 25 free by holding her breath

the entire lap!


The Bronze group swam fast and furious this weekend!

Jordan Mejia dominated the 9-10 division; she achieved

a Winter Invite in the 50 Back, a Summer J.O. in the

 50 Breast, and a Blue time in the 100 IM!  Christopher 

Pang earned his fourth and fifth Red times in the 50 Back

and 100 IM.  Chloe O'Connell broke 3 minutes in the 200 free

and posted the fastest time in her group!


Leslie Tomlinson (NovaIntro, Woollett):

The NovaIntro Swimmers proved how hard they've been working in practice at this meet. The group had been focusing on flip turns, and it was evident at this meet. The group will continue to fine tune the details of racing as we move on through the swim season.


Go Nova!!!

-Nova Coaching Staff