2nd Annual BBST Jr. Group Blind Man Turkey Swim Championships


The 2nd annual BBST Junior Group Blind Man Turkey Swim Championships took place on Wednesday, November 22nd, at Arne Hanna pool.  This year’s championships were extremely competitive, with the top 4 finishers predicting their times within 1.9 seconds of their actual times.  During the  Blind Man Turkey Swim Championships, competitors are asked to predict their time for the 50 yard freestyle while swimming blind-folded.  Top 4 Finishers: 4th place, William Hutchinson (+1.9 sec. difference).  3rd place, Bliss Cui (+1.8 sec. difference). 2nd place, Alyssa Shawler (+1.5 sec. difference).  1st place...and this year’s Champion, Jonathan Chang (+.5 sec. difference).  This is the 2nd year in a row where Jonathan’s family has taken home the Blind Man Turkey Swim Championships.  In 2005, Jonathan’s brother, Daniel Hsieh, was the inaugural Champ.